Author Topic: I think my baby is broken...!  (Read 648 times)

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I think my baby is broken...!
« on: September 19, 2013, 12:52:06 pm »
...he doesn't seem to have an "I'm full up" recognition. Either that or I just haven't reached the limit yet but I am too worried to feed him any more at mealtimes.

So to give you some more information about my delightful Daniel...he is 6 months + 2 weeks and we have been on solids for about 5 weeks. We started at 22 weeks mostly because I hoped it would help with the NW (I did post in General Sleep) but also because he seemed stuck to my boobs and I also have a 2 yr old who also required my attention and I knew that our BF were occasionally interrupted.

So week 1 of weaning was basically 1 teaspoon of baby rice mixed with breast milk, this made a few small spoonfuls for him to have at breakfast.

The same was repeated week 2 but with pear or apple or banana puree added in.

Week 3 I started adding a veg puree in the evening...about 2 oz tops

Week 4 was more varity of veg

Week 5 was repeats of week 4 with also some fruit puree added in at lunch.

We are now starting week 6, he is over 6 months so I have this week introduced chicken and salmon (both pureed in with veg) as well as pasta stars and also cheesy sauce (with cauliflower and chicken...yum)

I use Annabell Karmel's recipe book for doing my own purees as well as using Ellas Kitchen pouches and baby breckie. I am also still BF with an 8oz bottle of formula before bed.

I say he is broken because today he had a whole Ellas Kitchen pouch (120g) with 2 tsp of cooked pasta stars mixed in. He sat in his high chair while DS1 sat at the table and litterally I couldnt get it in quickly enough, he was grabbing the spoon and "helping" me guide it to his mouth and then grabbing at the bowl. I am quite happy for him to get mucky at meal times and let him lick his hand if it goes in his food but at the end of the meal he is still opening his mouth for more. 

Where am I going I need to up fats or carbs, is there too much fruit and veg? I don't remember DS1 doing this, he always clammed his mouth shut when he was done.

I should possibly add that he isn't a small 6 months (last week) he weighed in at a hefty 9.7kg (thats 21lbs 3oz) which put him over the 98th% line on the weight chart  :-\ He is also quite long so that may also have something to do with it...but it is at the point when people see him and ask how old he is and I say 6 months, the first response is "he's a big lad...looks more like 9 months"  :-[ He was born on the 50th....oooppps. Now DS1 did also cross the % lines but never as quickly or got so big. he broken or just hungry coz he is growing?
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Re: I think my baby is broken...!
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2013, 15:05:37 pm »
Hi there, my son is 2yr and 8 months and still wearing 12 - 18 month tops, he is petite, and people STILL say he is a big lad, I think it's just something people like to say (yk rather than "oh you're child looks really scrawny and under nourished"!).

6 months is a great time to introduce finger foods so this could be a could way to keep offering food, let him be independent (sounds like he wants to be) and less demanding for you to shovel the food in quickly, he'd also learn about the textures and flavours of 'real' food and it helps develop fine motor skills and the facial/tongue muscles for speaking.  He might be more 'satisfied' if he has some food that takes longer to eat by licking, sucking and gumming at it rather than the purees which are swallowed quickly.  However I would also say that babies are good self regulators and tend not to over eat so as long as all the food is healthy, well balanced and sugar free etc and if his milk intake continues to be fine I would just let him eat to his fill.

Oh and my petite boy - he ate like that too, we didn't do purees at all but honestly I could not believe the amount he could put away (where exactly does it GO?), I used to laugh and say he ate the fridge bare!  So it isnít just big boys that eat lots - I guess some LOs just go for solids in a big way whilst others are not interested until later.
He ain't broken honey :)