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Dairy trial questions
« on: January 15, 2014, 18:05:19 pm »
I'm not sure how or when to proceed with DD's next dairy trial.  A bit of background: she was never really "diagnosed" MSPI as she only had bad reflux, no mucus or blood in stool, etc.  However her pedi suspected MSPI after we trialed soy for her reflux at 6 months old and she was horribly sick on it.  We went to Nutramigen and it was a miracle for us.  We got to lower her reflux meds, she could drink more at one time and stopped throwing herself backwards all the time.

We started a whole milk trial at her 1 year actual birthday with her pedi's and dietitian's blessing but on day 3 she got a horrible stomach virus so we put everything on hold until her 1 year adjusted birthday to giver her GI tract time to heal.  Over the past two weeks we transitioned her from coconut yogurt to regular full-fat cow's milk yogurt (1 cup a day.... the girl loves her yogurt).  We switched it 1/4 cup at a time, waiting 4 days between increases.  She's been entirely on cow's milk yogurt for 4 days and is doing beautifully.  How long should we wait until her milk trial?  Should we go slower with milk than we did with yogurt?  Is it better to slowly transition all her bottles at once, or do one until it is all milk, then another?  She drinks 7-8 oz formula in the morning, 4-5 oz after lunch and 2-4 oz after dinner.
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Re: Dairy trial questions
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2014, 18:25:13 pm »
Hi hun, we are in the same boat. We did a yogurt trial at 13months and it was horrible. So we're actually still on coconut yougurt. My DS is 20 months.  At 15months we introduced cheese goat and cheddar and he's been doing great so now we are on to the milk trial.  I'm not saying you need to wait 5 months in between each trial but I would definitely give it a week or even two to get used to it.  For the milk trial some people do it differently. I know he will down his AM bottle so I've substituted 1oz of water for 1oz of whole milk for 5 days then I've gone to 2oz then so on. I will do that until she is on a full 6oz bottle of cows milk in the AM. I would do maybe your lunch bottle since it's the smallest and probably after her nap?

Others will just give an oz of milk straight from a cup or syringe so they know she's getting the full oz and do bottles normally. Up to you.  The amount of time in between varies but we did 5 days on 1 oz 5 days on 2 5 days on 3 and so on. But i'm a wuss I do everything slow since he had such a bad reaction to yogurt at 13months.
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Re: Dairy trial questions
« Reply #2 on: February 07, 2014, 22:48:43 pm »
Here in the uk the reintroduction process is different - introducing cows milk is the last stage. Introducing trace milk first and then dairy which has been cooked for 30 minutes first to break down proteins. There is 6 steps.

Were only on step 2 so I wouldn't have much advice but I would think you would increase each bottle the same amount at a time gradually
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