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Any suggestions for feedings
« on: March 24, 2014, 10:46:02 am »
My lo will turn 9 months this week and has 3 solid meals. For breakfast he has a bottle around 6 oz then about an hour or 45 later 3 tablespoons multi grain cereal mixed with formula an about 2 tablespoons of fruit. Then he has a bottle about 6 oz at 11 and lunch about 30 mins later. I've been giving him lentils that I cook with small pieces of apple mixed with zucchini and lumpy carrots about 3 tablespoons total or beans that I've cooked and mashed and then about 2 tablespoons of fruit. Then i give him finger foods to try like small pieces of cooked veggies,some cereal puffs or baked cheese and kale sticks ( it's like a cheese doodle ) but for babies. I've also tried sweet potato fries but he shoves the whole thing in his mouth and it makes me nervous. He's getting used to picking up small pieces of food and self feeding and is doing great. Then he will have about 5-6 oz in bottle around 3 and then dinner around an hour later. For dinner I was giving him foods that were a little lighter like yogurt and fruit and a veggie about 5 tablespoons in total and maybe some finger foods and a mesh Baggie of fruit. He then gets an 8 oz bottle before bed around 640/7 pm.  I haven't started meat yet and eggs he isn't allowed yet until his 9 month check up. Any suggestions on different foods or changing the amount of food? My lo will just keep opening his mouth so I'm never really sure if he's full :) in total he's having about 26 oz of formula and about 1 cup of solid food not counting the finger foods.  Ps my lo is in top % for size he's very big/tall for his age.
Also when do they drop a bottle ? And when they do do you increase the amount and just divide amoung 3 bottles instead of 4? At that time would I increase solids?
Thank you :)

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Re: Any suggestions for feedings
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2014, 13:11:09 pm »
I dropped to 3 bottles at 9 months (just before, I think actually), and I did increase the amount then too. I find that he doesn't always want the full bottle, then at other times he drains it.

If he wants more solids then go with it and let him have it, the only thing to really keep an eye on is that its not impacting on his milk intake. My LO had been having the same meals as the rest of the family for a while by the time he was 9 months. Just ensure that the foods are suitable etc. So my LO loves pasta, bolognaise, cottage pie, eggs, lasagne, fish, bread, etc.

He may not always want three full meals - for example, I find that my LO tends to have a decent breakfast and dinner, but lunch tend to be more of a snack as he's not so interested.

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