Author Topic: Not sure how much solid food to give  (Read 882 times)

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Not sure how much solid food to give
« on: June 16, 2014, 15:26:16 pm »
Hello!  My LO is a little under 6 months and is 22 lbs. (big boy!)  He was drinking almost 50 oz. of formula per day around 3 months old, and at our four month doctor visit, which I scheduled late at 4.5 months, the pediatrician told me I should probably wean, replacing two bottles with solid foods (he'd still be getting over 30 oz. of formula a day).  He was getting to the point where he wanted more formula, but because of the large volume, he'd throw up because he couldn't keep that much down.

I've started making purees, and my son loves them.  He will keep eating and eating and starts to cry when I tell him we're all done.  He pulls the spoon into his mouth.  I'm concerned his "full meter" might not be very accurate when it comes to solids because the volume is less than that of liquid.  In other words, he would eat far more than what he needs and might get a belly ache afterwards.  He will sometimes eat up to a quarter cup of food, which seems like a lot.

Does anyone know of a portion guide per weight of baby?  Or anyone know of how much I should be feeding if I am replacing bottles?  I know food before one is supposed to be fun, but my baby is as big as quite a few one-year-olds I know, and it's less fun and more serious business here!  I've looked online but haven't found any kind of chart.

Thanks for any indications or help you can send my way.

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Re: Not sure how much solid food to give
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2014, 19:33:56 pm »
Sorry I don't know of a portion size per weight of baby which you are asking for. Just about every guide will say to follow baby's lead on whether they are full or not.
The only things i can think of are
- check he is not thirsty, offer water, sometimes hunger and thirst can be confused
- as he is almost 6 months perhaps offer some finger foods so he gets what he wants (food) but may take longer to eat it giving his body a chance to feel full. It doesn't always mean they eat less, solids were a serious business for my DS too and he is very small but very serious about eating.  He ate finger foods like I'd been starving him for the first 6 months of his life.
- add in snacks, babies tummies are really small so they need more frequent meals, this may discourage him from eating too much in one go at a main meal if he has a few healthy snacks in the day
- add some protein and good fats which may help him feel fuller and take out any low nutrient foods such as rice cereal if you use this
- check all else is fine health wise. I know with older LOs, children and adults needing to drink a lot may be a sign of health concerns but I'm not sure about babies.