Author Topic: Multiple NW after 2am-any idea why?  (Read 1280 times)

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Re: Multiple NW after 2am-any idea why?
« Reply #15 on: September 04, 2014, 22:31:06 pm »
I have a solution for bunged up little babes!  My day care teacher (not mine, but DS' obviously), recommended the teeniest amount of olive oil in DS' bottle, like 1/2oz.  She said it's the old Italian cure for constipation.  I got the go ahead from my doctor and holy moses did it work!  I would recommend doing it in the morning or afternoon bottle.  My DH put the OO in the evening bottle and then I had to do a sneaky diaper change at 10pm  ::)  We haven't done it since but I think I'm going to start again because DS goes so so red and cries when he poops.  Plus we figure the OO throws in a few extra calories, which our skinny mini could always use. 
Just thought I'd throw that in there!
I'm glad the NW are starting to straighten out.  My DS does occasionally do a blast cry that lasts all of 2 secs in the middle of the night.  Though it wakes DH and I up, he goes right back to sleep.  Is your DD actually waking up (crying) or just having a fuss/snurffle that can be ignored?

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Re: Multiple NW after 2am-any idea why?
« Reply #16 on: September 05, 2014, 06:51:34 am »
Oh, where do I start.
NWs have become worse. She wakes a lot and its hard to put her back to seep. She did had NWs of few seconds but now they have become awake time. She fusses and cries. If I pick her up she screams her little head of. Last night she woke up an hour after bt again. I tried to calm her down for an hour but in that hour she cried so much my brother went out because it was too much. Finally went back to sleep after a bottle.

She is constipated for 3-4 days now. Like your lo she cries and gets so red in her face sometimes I think it was easier for me to give birth  :-[ Ill try the OO method and see who it goes. Thanks for the advice. Dont know how to measure 1/2oz so maybe a teaspoon? How often is it recommended to use this? She is constipated all the time!

Her naps are 3-3 1/2h. Im thinking if its too much day sleep? But A time is so long-yesterday was 4 1/2h between naps I dont want her waking up OT.
Im following her cues these few days (hence the 4.5h A) to she how she goes.

I keep giving paracetamol for teething pain but the teeth is not  coming so I feel like I medicate her for no reason.