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Waking up more at night
« on: October 29, 2014, 04:02:10 am »
Ds2 is 14 weeks old. Today is the second full day of having him fall asleep in his crib. Before, he would only fall asleep while carried or nurse to sleep. A week ago, he would have last feed around 8-8:30pm (both sides), df (both)at 10-10:30pm, wake between 3-4am and nurse both sides, and wake for the day 6-7am and nurse one side. These feedings tend to last 15-25min each side. During the day, his feedings are only one side and less than 10 minutes. He sucks vigorously for 2/3 min then slows down. All the night time feeds, I squeeze to get him to continue to suck. During the night time feeds, he is almost always asleep and I will take him off.

Here's his EASY from day 1

E 7-7:15am (1 side)
A 1hr 15min
S 8:15-10:30 with a jolt that required help to resettle that took 45min. Woke up at 10:35

E 10:40 am for 8 min (one side)
A 1hr 30min
S 12 for 25 min then would not resettle, so nursed early

E 1:05pm for 11min (1side)
A 1hr 15min
S 2:20-3:55pm (stayed asleep on his own)

E 4pm for 10 min (1 side)
A 1hr 20 min
S 5:15pm for 30min then jolt.
Went back asleep for about 10 min then another jolt.

E 6pm for 8 min 1 side
A 1 hr 20min
S 7:20pm for 50min

E 8pm for 22min 1 side
A 1 hr 40min
S 9:40pm had a hard time settling

Df 10:15pm for 33 min 1 side but usually both sides. He was so asleep that he wouldn't nurse.

Wake & nursed 1:40am for 40min on both sides
Wake  & nursed 4:30am for 15min on 1 side
Wake for the day E 7:15am for 25min on 1 side

When he wakes at night, he is crying and appears frantically hungry. We have tried to give him a pacifier before when he wakes up 1-2 hrs inbetween feedings. Then we had him sleeping on his tummy because it seemed to help his gas and help him sleep better. However, on his tummy, he refuses to take a pacifier and just lifts his head and cries. So, I just nurse. He was sleeping on his tummy until 1 night ago. Now, he's swaddled on his back. Before the independent sleep training, DS started being fully awake after nursing during night wakings and needing to be carried to fall back asleep (2 nights). It seems to be progressively getting worse.

A time involves playing, singing, watching his older brother play, reading, and tummy time. We aim to start nap after an hour of A and it has been taking about 15+ min for him to fall asleep with sh/pat and PU/PD.
Before naps, we hum a song and swaddle. At night time, he gets a bath every other day, reads, hums, then swaddle.
He is breastfed only.
He sometimes take a pacifier to resettle from a jolt, but doesn't need it to fall asleep initially for naps.
He does not currently have a lovie, but we will likely introduce one.

My questions are:
- What could be causing his extra night wakings?
- What should we do to help?
- What's typical for number of hours in-between feedings?

I've tried to cover all the questions as best as I can.

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Re: Waking up more at night
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2014, 20:24:20 pm »
Keep in mind that at this young age, two night wakings is very typical and you should not be trying to skip a feed by using a pacifier.  BM does not last as long in babies tummies and as a result they will typically wake more often at night out of genuine hunger, you do not want to ignore those cries. 
I've included a link below on average A times.  Keep in mind that an A time is from eyes open to eyes shut, so if you know it will take 15 minutes to settle your LO, try to build that into the A time or you may wind up with an OT baby. 
Average A times- BOOKMARK ME!!