Author Topic: 9-week-old wake up every hour  (Read 2720 times)

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Re: 9-week-old wake up every hour
« Reply #15 on: December 21, 2014, 19:21:36 pm »
::) ::) I wish more people understood that you can gain weight perfectly well, even above average and still have painful reflux.  Sorry you didn't get the support there, but again good that you have medication to trial.  Did you ask about allergies?  Sometimes you have to be prepared to fight a little to be taken seriously, the mums on the reflux board can give you some great support with that.

In the UK we are only recommended to weigh babies of that age every month so I wouldn't be overly concerned about no weight gain in two weeks.  If it was an ongoing pattern over a longer period of time that would be a cause for concern but presumably your paediatrician should be monitoring that.

Physiological reflux I guess means the bit of reflux that most/all babies have due to having a liquid diet, spending a lot of time flat and immaturity of the sphincter (muscle) at the top of the stomach.  For most this won't cause symptoms. 

You should always feed at night if you think LO is hungry.  My DS is six months and still has a night feed.  Many babies do keep at least one overnight feed until closer to a year.  However if your LO is waking multiple times overnight, every hour or less there is something going on that needs investigating.  It may well become a prop to feed him so often but you really do need to be sure that he is not in pain from reflux before you consider sleep training. 

EASY is the goal, but short naps, growth spurts etc make it a bit messy so AEAS is common at this age.  Don't stress about the exact order too much, the main idea is to avoid feeding to sleep :)

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Re: 9-week-old wake up every hour
« Reply #16 on: December 23, 2014, 07:22:28 am »
Hugs hun, Katherine has said it all really
Feel free to pop over to CRC for reflux related support and advice x

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