Author Topic: 5.5 Month Old - no longer STTN  (Read 862 times)

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5.5 Month Old - no longer STTN
« on: January 06, 2015, 17:03:53 pm »
Hi all, I'm new here! I have been following BW routine for months now and my DD's EASY routine is pretty good! My problem is her NW all of a sudden. She was STTN starting at only 8 weeks old! She STTN until around 19 weeks. Since about Dec. 1st she is no longer STTN...she's waking multiple times. She started off just needing her pacifier to go back to sleep (it would fall out about 20-30 mins later)....but she was lasting about 3-4 hours. Now all of a sudden when she wakes the only thing that works to get her back to sleep is feeding her.

She doesn't have a problem going to sleep, its staying asleep. But I'm wondering if she's going through a growth spurt? Or if she's starting to teeth? She has just hit a couple of milestones, being able to roll over and sit on her own.

Should I continue nursing at night? Should I try giving her something for her teeth?

She is EBF - will eat off both sides during the day, but only needs one at night. She hasn't started any solids yet. At night, she will eat, take her soother and go down in her crib awake but calm, and then fall asleep on her own. Last night she woke twice, but the night before was four times.

I'm just not clear what the guidelines are for LO's at this age.

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Re: 5.5 Month Old - no longer STTN
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2015, 11:14:03 am »
We ask that members post their sleep question on only one forum, so that help is not split across the board.  As you've already received some help from Laura on the thread in the General sleep issues forum, I've locked this thread.

Here are the links to the other threads, please could anyone who has advice add it here: New here :) need help with sleep regression - dont want to CIO
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