Author Topic: 7mo doesn't wake at all but nurses a lot  (Read 361 times)

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7mo doesn't wake at all but nurses a lot
« on: March 04, 2015, 00:12:02 am »
Hello everyone! I need to see if anyone goes through the same thing....sometimes I think my baby is the only one who does this.

OK, so since LO was 2mo she started "sleeping through the night"- she doesn't wakes up, which is great, I'm not complaining! But here's the thing: she nurses in her sleep A LOT. We co-sleep and I'm waiting for separation anxiety to end so I can transfer her to hew own crib. Until then, I'm not very interested in changing that, because co-sleeping really helps me get a decent sleep, even with the frequent night nursings.

But to get to the point: I'm confused on how to help her get back to sleep on her own. In her sleep, she constantly roots in search of the breast, and when she doesn't find it, she eventually wakes up, so to prevent that I nurse while lying down. I realize we have a prop issue and If i keep doing that she'll never get back to sleep on her own, but I think it doesn't make sense to let her wake up and cry and create a night waking pattern that doesn't exist. How am I supposed to hel her?

During the day, she only sleeps when I feed her so E and S became one, so can see where my mistake is here, but I can't seem to take them apart now that the routine is so well established (LO works like a little clock and following a routine was very natural for us). Here's what the day is like:

E 6am: feeds while sleeping
6:30am: wakes up
ES 8-9am: first morning nap
ES 11-12am: 2nd morning nap
E 12am: lunch time
ES 3-4pm: nap
E 5pm: fruit snack
Bedtime routine 6pm - bath, nurse
and 6:30/7pm : sleeps till 6am

As you can see, a lot of short naps...oh and she is breastfed - EBF until 6mo and now introducing solids. She usually nurses for 10min max, and in one boob only. Sounds very short I know, but weight gain is normal.

Any suggestions??? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!  :D

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Re: 7mo doesn't wake at all but nurses a lot
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2015, 15:32:44 pm »
Hi there, so sorry you haven't received a reply yet! :-[ I suspect it's partly because there isn't a lot of experience with your situation and honestly, with Tracy's methods the extra waking/settling is part of the process, because you are helping a LO learn a new skill (which is not without some tears and hard work). 

I do wonder if this link from Elizabeth Pantley's 'No Cry Sleep Solution' would be helpful for you?  Gentle Removal Plan It's a very slow and gradual process, but definitely worth a try if you'd like to go with the least disruption possible.  I do think at some point, however, when you're making such a big change, some extra crying/waking is inevitable (but that is coming from my own experience). 

Your routine may also be causing some of the night time issues.  At 7mo, the goal is really to be on two full, restorative naps with longer A times, so that she has more drive to sleep a good night.  A typical 7mo routine might look closer to this...
WU/E 6:30am
S 9:30-11am
E 11am
S 2-3:30pm
E 3:30pm
E 6/6:30pm
BT 6:30/7pm

Here are a couple more links that might be helpful for routine...
Average A times- BOOKMARK ME!
chronological EASY samples, 7-9 months
All about the 3-2 transition- 5/6 months

Hope that helps...