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Toddler Specific Sleep Training Advice
« on: March 28, 2015, 17:28:52 pm »
Here is a compilation of links that have to do with sleep training toddlers.  While some of the sleep training advice found elsewhere certainly applies to toddlers, we all know that they have their own unique sets of needs and this advice addresses those.  :)

If you're looking for specific reasons why your toddler isn't sleeping well, this link is helpful: Most common toddler sleep busters

To choose a method of sleep training for a toddler, check out this link: Toddlers: Walk In/Walk Out vs. The Gradual Withdrawal Method (HOW TO CHOOSE)

If you're struggling with naps for your toddler, one of these links might have your solution:
Set naps for toddlers: Why, How and When
From 2 to 1 nap transition (10-12m and older)
The 1-0 transition...Advice and Tips to help you through.

Ready to transition your toddler out of his or her crib?
The Crib to Bed Transition

Struggling with trying to break your toddler from his or her paci/dummy addiction?
Toddler Paci Weaning

Struggling with early wakings?  Lots of moms have found a Gro-Clock to be a good solution!
Gro-Clock / Lights on a timer: What, Why, When and How
Another strategy to use is wake to sleep for toddlers! 16 MO old Wake To Sleep Success Story
Or you can read this thread for some been there, done that success stories with early wakings: how we fixed the VERY early wakings

And if your toddler has become a big brother or sister, check out these links:
Implementing EASY for the 2nd child was SO worth it!!
How can I sleep-train a second baby when I have a toddler running around?

For help with specific toddler problems, please post on our Sleeping For Toddlers board.
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