Author Topic: how to arrange the naps if DS is LSN to avoid NW?  (Read 10103 times)

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Re: how to arrange the naps if DS is LSN to avoid NW?
« Reply #120 on: July 08, 2015, 01:07:51 am »
I am ashamed to say that no much improvement for LO sleep. He is 10 month now.
I tried long am and short am for weeks, the first A from 3.5h to 4.5h, I keep the first nap around 1.5h, the second 30mins around, if BT is 19:00, he still wake at around 3:00,sometimes NW short as 1h,some long as 3h.

Whatever he sleep in day, he wake 8hs after his BT, so I thought he may sick, but doctor said he is healthy. They just suggest put off his BT.
I thought he must be massive OT for long time, maybe dyssomnia now?
The reasons I think he is massive OT are: long nw happen late night, not like a cot party,
Sometimes he wake, then quiet, if nw longer than 1.5h,he will cry, but not loudly, seems like SA, I try to rock him to sleep, feed water, but no use, when I rock him, he push me. He want to back to his bed. He rolled over in the cot long time, finally fall asleep.
In day , even after a 1.5 or 2h nap, he may be asleep in car 2.5 or 3h later, so he never refuse another long nap after a 1.5 or 2h nap. Also I neednít cut his afternoon nap since it will not effect his BT.
I even try let him sleep as he want in day time with around 3.5h same result.
I only got seldom STTn with very busy day to hospital, he had no chance to sleep long in car or pram, three 20~30mins cat nap, he must be very tired.
He is teething, but I think itís not the reason, teething is also strange, canine teeth first .
His mood is ok, in daytime, he play well independent, watching TV, smile, crawling, standing, not too excited, everyone think he is a good temper boy. What an OT baby looks like?

Yesterday, he woke up naturally at 7:00 (BT19:30, Last nap was too late, nw 3:00~4:00 ) , first nap from 10:30, 2hrs, second nap 3hrs later, 45mins, BT 19:00, stired at2:15,then quiet, wake at 3:15, fall asleep at 6:00, wake naturally 7:30.
I know he sleep in but cannít wake only 30mins after he was asleep.

If he is massive OT, is there any way to repair? I donít dare to a short am and long pm which worked for us before, if his afternoon nap was ideal, no chance to let him sleep more in day, and I found Ebt didnít work, just make his NW early too.