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Naps preventing night sleep?!
« on: July 15, 2015, 08:14:13 am »
So I posted a week or so ago about how my now 15 week old would not nap more than 45 mins in the day, generally 20-30 min naps waking up crying & we were pretty much stuck in an OT loop. I've been working on her naps and she's been getting a bit better the last few days, 3 naps of 1.5hrs (broken as she wakes at 45 then takes up to 20ish to resettle but is now resettling alone) and a little catnap. Yesterday she had such a great day-happy a day, settled well for naps and settled no problem for bed at about 7.30 however 20 mins after she went to bed she started an 'up for 10-20 mins grizzling then sleep for 10-20 mins' cycle on repeat until I went up to bed early at 9.50 and fed her again! Then she was up loads in the night where before she would fight to go to sleep, go to sleep around 8 then I would dreamfeed around 10-11 and she would usually sleep until 4 before needing a feed and going back to sleep till 7/8. Now not only is she waking but she's lively and loud, wriggling round feeding, bobbing on and off the breast, squealing and crying at points. She's also not falling back to sleep whilst feeding (she used to fall asleep and I could lay her back down no problems) last night especially she was laid down awake as she was no longer eating, but trying to play then shouting ect so using Shh pat then she's up again a couple of hours later! If I post the routine could anyone point me in the right direction please?! Her A times yesterday were about 1hr 15/20 which I know is on the shorter side but as she was up every 90min the night before I followed her cues and only tried to extend her 5mins or so before sleeping to prevent an OT meltdown!

Monday eve after fighting sleep (I was out so as was offered a bottle and freaked out!)
Sleep 9
DF 10.30-11
E - 11.55-12.05 (left only, not v interested)
Woke 1.15-1.20 (stopped as soon as on side)
3.35- nappy & sheets
E - 3.45-4.05 big feed
S - 4.05 (stirred 6.45 left)

Wake 7.35
E - 7.40-8.00
A - cot, story, songs
S - settling 8.45. 9.00-9.45 & 10.10-11

E - 11.10-11.30
A - baby gym 10m, play with hands, watched our puppy play
S- settling 12.05. 12.15-1.00. 1.15-2.05

E - 2.15
A - bumbo, stories, change bed sheets
S - settle 3.20. Sleep 3.30-4.05 (Shh pat 4.25) 4.30-4.40

E - 4.40-5.00
A - Daddy
S - settle 5.20 5.30-6.15 (45m)

A - bath
E - 6.50-7.10
A - cuddles, nappy
S - settle 7.25. 7.40, up and down 10 min sleep then fussing till 8.30 then Shh pat straight to sleep, slept till 9 then fussing on & off again

E - 9.45-10.10
S - 9.50
E - 1.05-1.25 awake after, laid in basket
S - 1.30-4.30
E - 4.30-4.55 fussing at breast, awake after, wouldn't settle for ages even with Shh pat
S- 5.25-7.20 I woke her

Also if it helps she seems to really prefer to lay on her side to sleep now, we have started doing shh pat on her side, however as she can't get herself there yet I don't want to let her sleep there when I'm asleep (in the day we have a video monitor I watch her on so don't mind so much) and if she falls asleep on her side then rolls / I roll her to her back it disturbs her. Can't wait till she can get there alone so I don't have to worry!


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Re: Naps preventing night sleep?!
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2015, 09:19:03 am »
Hi :)

You're doing well to resettle her after those 45min wakings, my hat's off to you! Frankly, I think if you push those A times, you'll probably get her sleeping through the transition, maybe with a little hold through the jolts / shush/pat at the 40min mark. At the moment, none of those naps are restorative, even with all that effort you're putting in, so I really think the best thing you can do is to entertain her for that bit longer and PD for a nap around 1:45 A time for now, looking for 2hr A time in a week or 2 - you should see her fall asleep faster and take longer naps within a few days.

S - settle 5.20 5.30-6.15 (45m)A - bathE - 6.50-7.10A - cuddles, nappyS - settle 7.25. 7.40, up and down 10 min sleep then fussing till 8.30 then Shh pat straight to sleep, slept till 9 then fussing on & off again
Here, she's had the same A time after a 45min nap as a longer (albeit resettled) nap, at the end of a day with no properly restorative naps and she's showing clear signs of OT at BT with these wakings in the early evening.

Are you sure gas/reflux is not an issue? If so, how? Waking that frequently often means some level of discomfort is at play. Any teeth on the move?