Author Topic: Baby started waking every hour at 2 months, now 3 months..  (Read 315 times)

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Baby started waking every hour at 2 months, now 3 months..
« on: July 23, 2015, 23:20:12 pm »
Hello all,
FTM here! My amazing son and I have already battled many roadblocks in his short life and won. However, this roadblock seems impassible. My LO was sleeping pretty good. He would go 5-6hours and then wake up more often after that. One night he even did 8 hours! And then it all went downhill.  He turned 2 months old and started waking up every hour, every night. This has gone on for a month!  I've desperately tried everything!  More naps, less naps. Dark room, closet light on (has been on since he was born). Swaddled, not swaddled. Noise maker, quiet.  Pat and shh,Etc. I pick him up and he screams to nurse, nurses for a few min and is back asleep. I've tried just the soother, he screams. My DH can pick him up and walk him back to sleep. I know he isn't hungry. His naps suck and I have to hold him or nurse him laying beside him the whole time. I have to nurse and rock him to sleep. It just seems like ALOT of sleeping issues!  But the main thing is the hourly waking. 
We don't really follow the EASY because he eats before he sleeps and I don't get "your time". So it's more like SEA..

Please help! I thought he'd stop as sudden as he started but it's been a month...

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Re: Baby started waking every hour at 2 months, now 3 months..
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2015, 04:32:16 am »
Hi there and welcome:)
Could you post your routine for us to take a look at? You can write it out in EASY format, so
E - 7
A - 1.5 hours
S - 9.30 - 11
and so on..