Author Topic: 7 week old slept 8 hours last night without feeding, change to EASY routine??  (Read 538 times)

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Hi all,

This is my first post here. I've had my LO on EASY since birth and last night was the first night that she went from 11pm to 7am without a feeding. She did fuss/whimper a few times last night, but when I put the pacifier in her mouth she went right back to sleep.

This has been our current routine up until today.

7am Wake up/Feed (5 oz)
8-815 down for nap
10 am Feed (5 oz)
11 down for nap
1pm Feed (4-5oz)
2 down for nap
4 Feed
515 Catnap
6  Feed/bath/book in bed by 655-7pm
8pm Wake to feed with no awake time
11pm dreamfeed

*she used to wake around 3/4 for the middle of the night feeding and then slept until 7am before last night

My question is, since she now has gotten one less feeding because she didn't get one in the middle of the night, do I need to adjust her feeding times so that she gets the same amount of calories in the day? She ranges 29-31 oz a day..

So far today she has gotten a feed at 7am, 10am, 1230p and I will feed her again at 3pm, 6pm, 8pm and 11pm..

Also, Tracy's book recommends dropping the cluster feed (8pm) around 8 weeks, which means she will get even less calories during the day..


I am hoping she sleeps again through the night tonight, but I know a big part of it is that she gets enough calories during the day!


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That's an amazing news Honey that she managed to go for 8h without a feed at not even 7 weeks. It's really exceptional:)! Re feeds - yes offer as much as you can during day and after her dropping a feed she should need more during day.

Not many ladies do cluster feeding after BT now, as disturbing lo sleep is a nightmare sometimes. However if you feel fine about it - that's fine. The case is that probably in next weeks her feeds will space out but she will take more at one feed so that's should be compensated.

Please also be aware that no night feeds at that age is possible but there can be a regression somewhere later - around 3/4mo. With my DS I even had 3 nights of no feeds at all from 7 till 7 when he was 9wo, but after that we came back to a big feed around 10/11pm up to 6mo when he dropped it. So just look at follow your LO and be mindful that it may change in coming weeks.