Author Topic: Independent activities for a very mobile 10mth old  (Read 1843 times)

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Independent activities for a very mobile 10mth old
« on: September 21, 2015, 17:23:44 pm »
I'm looking for independent play ideas for my 10mth old.  I homeschool one of my other kids, so I need some fun, new activities that my LO can do by herself.  I'm there with her of course, I regularly read or play with her, but ideally it would be great to have some things she can do independently.  She crawls, climbs, stands, she's very active.


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Re: Independent activities for a very mobile 10mth old
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2015, 18:01:57 pm »
DS also walked at 10 months and went from being a happy Buddha sitting to a busy bee over night.  I copy and paste in blue from the useful links below that I posted in way back then.

I set up an obstacle course for DS with baskets of surprises and many things are from around the house.  I change it every week to keep it fresh.  I made the living room in a circle, so I use chairs to block out openings so he stays in his course.  It contains this:

Book area: On our coffee table I put books with flaps or pop ups, he loves opening and closing these flaps.  He stands and does this with the books.

Ball area:  I put small plastic balls, a semi deflated beach ball, a large rubber ball and a plush ball.  Different tactile experiences with balls.

Wheel area: Cars, trains, wheel barrel, small plastic wagon--he loves wheeling these or just playing with the wheels

Basket #1:  Lids from yogurt containers, spatula, wooden spoon, an old VCR remote control, an old phone that doesn't work, an empty washed out shampoo bottle, skipping rope, sheer scarves, plastic measuring cups (this weeks play stuff, like I said I change it!)

Basket #2: Plush toys, building blocks, plastic numbers and letters, stacking toys, a fisher price doctors kit (he loves this and I highly recommend it-it has a stethoscope, tweezers, needle, fake plasters etc... all baby proof and nothing to swallow, he mostly just chews them and handles them, but loves crawling/walking around with them for some reason.)

Cruising area: The couch with the lambskin, towels, blankets, pillows on it.  He cruises around and loves to pull these things on and off of the couch.

Activity Table:  This is an old toy passed down from friends with an older child.  It is a play table with various "bells and whistles" things to turn and play, has music etc...I include a pic of him with it below.

He loves the baskets and mostly enjoys, taking things out an putting back in.  I get involved and play too or just let him get to it and take advantage of being able to tidy etc...

I made one outside too- A toddler slide and climbing thingy, a wagon that I pull him around with or he mostly plays with the straps and the wheels, my exercise ball, a kiddy pool filled with balls or sometimes I put a wee bit of water -not much and let him have a splash with various sand/water plastic toys -like a spade, pail, rake etc...

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