Author Topic: Should I be doing snacks?  (Read 718 times)

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Should I be doing snacks?
« on: September 30, 2015, 19:24:52 pm »

My ds has just turned 11 months and his routine has been as follows for the past month:

Wu 6
Milk 630
Breakfast 8
Milk 11
Nap 1115-1345
Lunch 1345
Dinner 1600
Milk 1800
Bt 1830

Once he goes down to two bottles I plan on splitting his lunch around his nap. I give him lots of snacks things along with his lunch and dinner but was wondering if I should be giving a separate snack? His nap makes lunch so late that I didn't think there was time but now I'm worried that I should be fitting one in.

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Re: Should I be doing snacks?
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2015, 08:19:26 am »
If he's fine with the routine as it is then all is well :)

Lunch doesn't look too late, this is just how things are when fitting around naps. If anything I'd fit a small snack in between lunch and dinner as a 3pm (ish) milk looks like it's been dropped from there.
I generally advise that the mid morning and mid afternoon milks are switched from milk to a snack so the day would be something like (this is just a standard routine as a guide):

7 milk (yours is a little earlier, which is fine, due to WU time)
8 solids breakfast
11 milk (this one you still have, this can switch to a solids snack now or over the next month)
12 solids lunch (yours comes after nap, that's fine for now, when the nap moves later you can do lunch before nap)
3 milk (this is the one you don't have, maybe put a small snack here)
4/5 solids dinner
7 milk (bit earlier to allow for BT)

So I would see the 11am milk as a switch from milk to snack but keep it at that time (don't confuse this with lunch).
When nap moves later you can do split lunch or move lunch to before nap.
After nap, depending what time he wakes, will be afternoon snack.

One more thing, LOs often like to eat more in the morning hours. For some time mine had more of a 'lunch' at his morning snack time (10.30/11.00) and a smaller lunch for his lunch time which is fine too.  As they get older the meals work out so that lunch does end up bigger than the snack.

A snack might be something like a small yoghurt or a bread stick, a cracker, a small piece of fruit (say a quarter of fruit, not a whole fruit).  It can seem like they are eating all day long but they still have small tummies so fill up quickly.

hope this helps