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almost 10 mo general concerns
« on: November 06, 2015, 01:08:16 am »
Hi everyone! I'm a first time mom and my DS is nearly 10 mo and things were doing way better since he started to crawl at the end of his 8 months. But lately it seems like my ears are back to BLEEDING!!

He whines almost all the time! He won't stay alone, always following us (crawling or standing on furniture/walls) and is silent only outside. We can't keep his attention for more than 2 min with play games either. He seems to want to be always on the move but never seems happy either.

I think things will probably get better by themselves but my concerns are bigger now that he refuses solid, pureed or finger foods. He will only take the good old same lumpy purrees he gets day after day. He refuses every protein I tried except for eggs, yogurt and cheese (beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, pork, beef, salmon will never be swallowed. Trust my words. He spits it in my face)
I thought that he didn't liked to be spoon fed and tried to split his meal to finger food but he just plays with them. Oh but no problem he will eat those damn Cheerios!! Can he already be a picky eater??

And lastly is the way he falls asleep. He used to be out in less than 2 min without any sound but it is now way more harder.
At naps he will stand in the crib until I leave the room but usually gets down and he whines until he's asleep, which takes usually 15 min! At BT he kind of moans and whines for another 15 min before finally falling asleep for the night without NW. It's so weird to hear him... complain (I think?) about sleep like that!!

He already have 8 teeth and I don't think there's any coming soon. Any idea about all of this? He started around a month ago and it keeps getting worst. :(

6:30-45 WU
7:00 8 oz bottle
8:00 breakfast
9:15 to 10:00 nap (I need to limit this nap in order to get at least 45 min in the afternoon)
10:30 5 oz bottle
12:00 lunch
13:00 nap (usually 1.5 hour but that can be more or less, dunno why)
15:00 snack (yogurt and fruits or Cheerios)
17:00 dinner
18:00 bath and pj
18:30-45 8 oz bottle
19:00 goal to be asleep by then

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Re: almost 10 mo general concerns
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2015, 01:48:18 am »
So he doesn't cry loudly, just sort of moans & wimpers? I think that is just his way to unwind & if he sleeps all night, I think you've just got to accept it is how he gets ready for sleep.

In terms of not wanting to be not with you, BTDT, DS1 was only ever really happy when active... at 12yo if he doesn't do something physical for 2 days he is a Pain... it's just his way of getting through life.

I terms of the food at 10months I'd just keep offering & experimenting put a limit on the foods you know he'd eat unlimited amounts & just keep putting the other stuff there for him, my 2 boys had limited eating habits right up until 6-8yo & I got told by a work colleague ( a Researcher & she'd researched this) that 60 years ago it was normal for a 3yo to eat 20 foods total, these days we are unhappy if they don't try 100 different things... it is ok for them only to eat one type of protein, a few types of fruit or veg etc, Mentally for me my best process was "one new food a month" was good going. Often with food it's about perception by us rather than a real issue.
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Re: almost 10 mo general concerns
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2015, 07:27:36 am »
I agree with Kate wrt feeding, I really wouldn't worry too much atm. Some touchy and spirited types don't do so well with meat. It will get better in time.

I wanted to post on your thread because I too had an absolute awful time with DD for a while. Definitely think I had a thread going on here too. She was whingy and generally made my life quite unpleasant for a while there. It coincided with DH not being around much as well due to work commitments. Again, like yours she was fine when outside and entertained but I didn't have the energy to do that all the time. What I found was that it was developmental. It took a good couple of months to get over it then bam, it was either walking or talking that happened I can't remember which one. Or it was both  ;). I realised she was try to communicate with me and getting frustrated. We spent a lot of time pointing at things and just talking to her. And it did get better. And it also coincided with two teeth popping through that I hadn't thought to check for  ::).

Even now, if DD starts being more whingy than usual, a couple of weeks later another word or two are added to her sentences. Same with the faffing around at BT here. Saying that, it might be that your routine does need a little tweak in time if that second nap continues to be short, but if it is developmental the only thing we can do is ride it out I'm afraid. I hated it when people said this to me and tried everything, but actually it did go away on it's own. Until the next time of course  :). Hth xx