Author Topic: 30 month old has started to wake up after 6hrs of rest at night for a couple of  (Read 680 times)

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My 30 month old has been a good sleeper. We worked with him since he was little. He has started waking up at night  6hrs after he goes to sleep. We thought it would go away but hasn't. What should we do? It's really getting old.
Wakes around 7308
Naps 2-330
Asleep by 930
Nw 330 (walks to our room and we put him right back to his bed and goes to sleep)
Any ideas?

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I'll ask someone to move this thread over to sleeping for toddlers for you since your LO is over 12 months :)

His day looks rather long to me, I think I would be tempted to shorten his nap, probably to an hour in the first instance and see if you can get him to bed for the night a bit earlier, ideally a 13h day maximum.  Stick with it for a week and see where that gets you x

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I'd agree to capping that nap and bringing BT earlier...made the world of difference here.