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Up every few hours! Help!
« on: November 13, 2015, 20:01:05 pm »
I posted this under general sleep but realized maybe I should post in NW since its that is where my issues are.

We have only been on a routine for 3 weeks. The first week went great. I took the paci away and i didn't have to do much of pupd after the first day. she was sleeping without waking up and taking good naps. Then around the 6th day naps started going away and she started getting up early. After a few days of that, I decided to try the paci again instead of pupd. I think selfishly on my end that was easier but now I am complaining again about having to replug her at night. Part of me feels if i think its a prop then get rid of it and stop complaining but then I think if i just hold out a few more weeks i bet she can replug herself so suck it up. ??? But this week i started swaddling again to see if that would help. Well its helped at naps but not at night so much. I feel she wakes herself up when not swaddled. It stresses me out at night bc she has learned to roll over (not when swaddled - just when she plays). but at naps she very easily can take a 2 hour nap without waking more often than not or i just have to replug her and she will go right to sleep. When she isn't swaddled she is a huge thrasher! Before i swaddled her, she would be more awake and be playing in her crib and it would take a lot longer for her to go back to bed when i went to replug her. Now more often than not when she wakes i replug her and she goes right back to sleep. But she is getting up every hour almost from 230 am on and that is killing me! Part of me feels i should just ride it out and be grateful she is as good as she is. She really doesn't cry/scream at all. Part of me wonders if something else is going on and thats why i have to replug her. Is she teething, hungry or what. I don't know maybe i just worry too much! HA! I am totally rambling!  ;D

i just started zantac to see if that will help with her spiting up and her fighting me to eat. Sometimes i feel she has reflux and then other times I don't. So i am trying just so i can rule it out.

She will be 5 months on the 15th. She was born a week early so based on the wonder weeks schedule she is only 20 weeks. I do feel she is on the lower side of A times too. I also wonder if my expectations are too high of her too. I don't know??

Maybe someone could look at my routine and tell me if it looks ok and maybe I will just go from there.

NW to replug - 1, 4, 6
wu 7 - i woke up (went to sleep at 710 on the 8th)
E - 4 ounces
S - 905 - 11 (in crib at 903 - swaddled with paci - kept paci whole time)
E - 11 4 ounces
S - 1255 - 250 (in crib at 1250 swaddled with paci - kept paci whole time)
E - 3 5 ounces
S - 450 - 530 (in crib 445 - swaddled with paci)
E - 630 6 ounces
S - 8 (in crib at 703 - swaddled with paci but wanted to play - unswaddled her - played a long time in crib but fell asleep with paci in on own)
E - 11 7 ounces

NW - 1145, 1, 4 (at 4 NW she didn't go back to sleep till about 5 - again not swaddled this night)
E - 4AM 4 ounces - wondered if was hungry so fed her
wu - 7
E 715 3 ounces
S - 840 - 1035 (in crib 830 swaddled with paci and replugged at 10)
E  - 11 5 ounces
S - 1240 - 215 ( in crib swaddled with paci - went right down - woke at 215 but she tried to put self back to sleep - i got her at 230)
E - 245 5 ounces
S - 428 - 530 (in crib swaddled with paci)
E - 615 4 ounces
E - 7 4 ounces (fed her again since only took 4 at 615)
S - 745/8 (in crib 738 swaddled with paci - went right down but kept tossing her head around so didn't fall asleep right away)
E - 11 7 ounces

NW - 230, 330, 430, 530, 620
WU - 7
E - 7 4 ounces
S - 9 - 1108 (in crib 855 swaddled with paci - replugged at 1020)
E - 1110 6 ounces
S - 1255 - 230 (in crib 1250 swaddled with paci - replugged 140, tried at 230 but woke up)
E - 310 - 2 ounces
E - 430 - 4.5 ounces
S - 445 - 520 ( in crib 440 swaddled with paci)
E - 630 3 ounces
E - 7 2 ounces
S - 740 (in crib 715 swaddled with paci - got up after a few min and talked in crib till i gave paci again and then went to sleep)
E - 1030 6 ounces
*slept till 7 this morning but had to replug her at 230, 3, 430, 515

I think i know my answer which is to get rid of the paci but maybe I should wait it out since Ive gone this long since it should be just another month before she can replug herself???

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Re: Up every few hours! Help!
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2015, 09:36:15 am »
Hi hun, I see you've got a thread going on GS, are you ok to continue with that one? Xx

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Re: Up every few hours! Help!
« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2015, 15:38:00 pm »
Sure. Unless you see anything regarding her routine that i should be fixing ;D