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4 month waking hourly
« on: December 18, 2015, 21:09:38 pm »
Help! My 4 month old (4 months tomorrow) is waking every hour.  It started 5 weeks ago where before she was giving me 3 hour stretches.  She is exclusively breast fed.  She has a lot of difficulty falling asleep on her own and uses a pacifier as she goes to sleep.  She used to be able to drop the paci and be fine but if her sleep is still to light now she cries out for it.  She sleeps in a bassinet beside my bed and I've been so desperate for sleep over the last 5 weeks that I've tried having her sleep in the bed with me but she is still waking.  I try not to feed her every time she wakes but I don't want to keep her from eating if she is truly hungry and its cluster feeding due to growth spurt.  I've been spreading the feeding at least every 2 hours even when she is waking every 45 mins to an hour.  I'm going to start to try the pick up put down tonight.  Any tips? I'm so tired and emotional it's so hard.  My husband is supportive but just had back surgery and physically can't lift her for a few more weeks.  She takes 30 minute naps during the day but lately I've been holding her so she takes an hour or hour and a half nap just so she can get good rest and isn't overtired.  I want to tackle night sleep first then I'll work on naps as I know those can be developmental.  Help! I am getting sick during the day and have to figure this out for my sweet baby as she learns to soothe and my sanity and health!

Also I've tried the EASY plan and it began working a month ago before all of these issues arose 5 weeks ago!

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Re: 4 month waking hourly
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2015, 20:29:12 pm »
Hi and welcome to the boards  :). Sorry it's taken me a little while to respond, we seem to be quite busy atm  :)

It is so difficult when they start waking so often, you have big ((hugs)) from me there. Would you mind posting your day time routine for me in easy format to take a peek at? Including all NW's too if you don't mind. I have a feeling something might be a little off during the day if she's finding it so difficult to fall asleep. Has she ever been an independent sleeper before all these troubles started? Have you tried ssh/pat? Some bubbas find pu/pd too stimulating so we tend to start off with ssh/pat and take it from there.

There is a massive growth spurt at 4mo and a developmental leap too. For us it was the 4mo sleep regression  and the 18mo ones that were the hardest. I'll post some links for you to have a read through for tonight and wait to hear from you wrt to the day and we'll make a plan ok? Xx

Shush-pat - How to

Six Weeks to Four Months: Growth Spurts - How to tackle them
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