Author Topic: Solids taking over milk feeds - 7 mo old  (Read 1076 times)

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Solids taking over milk feeds - 7 mo old
« on: January 16, 2016, 19:47:12 pm »
We started weaning at 5.5 months and my LO really took to it. He dealt with a wee bit of constipation and we administered a few doses of Lactulose, but it all sorted irself out. My DS is now 6.5 months and is getting breakfast (bread with something like cream cheese / goats cheese / humus / peanut butter and yoghurt with fruits) and lunch (a lumpy puree of vegetables, potatoes or pasta with fish or meat and yoghurt for desert). Sometimes he'll get an additional snack (piece of fruit or prunes). I have noticed he is drinking less milk (he's EBF). He usually has two good feeds at night (around 11pm and 4-5am). As he drinks very early in the morning at NW, he does not take much at wake up (6-7am) although he usually has a good feed just before nap time (10am). Then he has a feed around 3pm and another full feed before bed. I'd say he probably has 5 good feeds in a 24 hour span. Is this 'normal'? I would feed him 3 meals, but am a bit concerned he will drink less towards the end of the day as a result.

I'm back to work in 6 weeks and am a bit worried as LO does not drink large volumes from sippy cup or bottle (10-20ml tops). When can solids take over milk? As he won't be getting much day time milk anymore once I go back to work. Any advice on how to make this transition?

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Re: Solids taking over milk feeds - 7 mo old
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2016, 21:15:44 pm »
no advice, following as in similar situation...

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Re: Solids taking over milk feeds - 7 mo old
« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2016, 19:35:14 pm »
Is this right:
EW/NW good milk feed
6-7am WU milk feed but not much
10am pre-nap good milk feed
3pm milk feed
BT full milk feed
NF11pm good milk feed
NF 4-5am good milk feed

Looks to me like there are plenty of milk feeds there - looks like 5 or 6 good feeds from what you've said if I understand it correctly - which is totally fine. Although the WU feed is not a full feed LO is getting a pre-WU too so it might be a little time or encouragement to bring those two feeds together into one good one.

A lot can happen in LO world in the space of 6 weeks.
You could post on the BF board with a question specifically about going back to work and needing to move to a bottle/cup/straw for day feeds.  You're likely to get more experienced eyes over there.
If, after you return to work you BF morning, BT and NF I would think your LO would be getting enough breast milk, solids dairy does also count towards the 'dairy' need although of course it is not the same as breast milk.  The yoghurt and cheeses you are feeding him now already count towards his 'dairy' (FWIW my DS took less milk if I fed him more dairy solids so I cut back on dairy solids and he increased his milk intake again).

Sometimes a LO takes to solids too much too quickly and drop their milk feeds so dramatically where it might be worth decreasing the solids offered but in your LOs case it sounds ok, enough good feeds.

When can solids take over milk?
To answer this. Solids gradually increase to the point of 'taking over' at 12 months but even 1yo (and through childhood) LOs need either a couple of portions of milk or dairy or an alternative.  Most people tend to give 1-2 drinks of milk to 1-2yo, either by continuing to BF or bottle feed or switch to cows milk in a bottle or cup but it is very much personal choice if you want to BF or switch to an alternative.

hope this helps