Author Topic: 3 week old not settling for naps/40 min naps and waking every 40 min at night  (Read 2243 times)

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At this age, it's perfectly ok for her to nap on you. Especially given all her medical issues atm. They are totally unpredictable at this age, even without all her discomfort. Many, many people do not start putting them down for a nap until they are 3mo or later. Have you noticed a difference int eh length of the naps when they are on you? xx

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Oh hon, your poor little darling has been through a pretty rough start!  Honestly, I think it's great you want to help her towards independent sleep and following EASY but that is not going to happen until she is comfortable.  I would suggest you take yourself out for a nice walk in the morning with your LO in a baby carrier if you have one.  It will allow you some fresh air and exercise and she will likely fall asleep from the fresh air and rhythm.  Once she's feeling better physically you can start to tackle her sleep but she's so young right now, discomfort is going to play a major factor in her sleep.