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Re: 6mo new to EASY
« Reply #45 on: April 16, 2016, 19:55:41 pm »
What you need to do is either stop keeping him out so late, or stop thinking he's going to have any kind of routine with that kind of schedule.
I agree with pp.
Honey it seems you are exhausted and your LO is totally exhausted too.  I'm really not sure how long either of you can continue with the way things are.  I have just read through your thread and honestly cannot see an answer for you, it's just not possible to "have it all" with a baby.  Babies need sleep to grow and let their bodies and brains develop.  As parents we commit to our baby's needs as an investment on their physical and emotional health.
Whilst I understand that being new in a town you want to network and socialise to form a group of friends around you, this is something people invest in to build relationships and friendships which are important to an adult's emotional and mental needs and it builds some level of support network around you.  I also understand that your DH has work commitments and it sounds like he needs to meet or socialise with colleagues or business partners to further his employment and career, again this is an investment of time and energy for the good of his career and family finances. It is understandable in the normal way of things.
However - all of these things just do not work together, they don't, something has to give.
At the moment it seems that time and energy are being invested in friendship and career networking while your LOs needs as a very young baby are put to one side.

i know i not being consistent but i had thought once he is on his routine then he ll follow it even if m nt at hme..i gave him 2 weeks consistency...dint go out anywhr...but how is it posibl to not go nywhr even on the weekends..
Reading your thread I really don't see a place where you put 2 wks of sleep training into place.  There was a day, something like day 8 or 9 since beginning EASY that you had him out all day and he only napped 20 mins.  Followed by a mid-week night out where he was up until around 11 - 11.30pm just a couple of nights later.   Approximately 5 days later he is again out and doesn't sleep and a further night out approx 5 days after that where he went to bed at 11.30pm.
You say you've been doing EASY for 1 month and that he was sleep trained but I see nowhere in this thread that he ever achieved a suitable or sustainable routine.
You also say you would expect that once a baby is on a routine they should sleep anywhere, this is not what Tracy said in her BW books, neither is it what we have all experienced here.  From memory Tracy said babies should be put in their own bed, otherwise it is akin to expecting you to sleep on the floor in the middle of a motorway, you simply would not do it.  Many of the BW community have found ways to adapt the EASY routine to enable some time out and about to fulfil commitments and that may include some regular naps in the stroller or a sling or in the car, but these are generally routines which fit in with LOs needs as a valued member of the family whilst also taking into account rest of the family needs - it is a balance and a compromise all round, not an expectation for LO to just fit in, sleep anywhere and any time to fit in with everyone else's needs at the detriment to their own.
The inconsolable crying - my guess is he's absolutely fed up as well as over tired.  Babies absolutely love routine and this is just not being provided.

Whilst there will always be support here for you I am not convinced there is anything you can be helped with. Not unless you choose to change your life style and put the needs of your baby as a higher priority. It seems your expectations at the moment are unrealistic and not the kind of expectations Tracy taught us to have in her Baby Whisperer books.
It seems to me this is a time for some decisions to be made.

Many hugs too, it sounds terribly difficult for you to try to accommodate everyone's needs and perhaps feeling like your own needs are bottom of the list.  I expect you are also exhausted from these late nights and broken sleep, then not even getting a chance to rest up when baby naps as he is not napping more than 20 mins.