Author Topic: Routine help with 4.5 month old  (Read 402 times)

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Routine help with 4.5 month old
« on: May 19, 2016, 01:09:05 am »
My 4.5 month old is down to 3 naps no matter what time they happen and how long they are.   Because he has trouble transitioning past the first sleep cycle during his naps, things really start to go downhill starting at 4-5pm.  Additionally, he has been refusing to take a good feed before bedtime (arches his back and unlatches) but if he doesn't eat well, he wakes up at 10-11pm hungry.  Here's a typical day for him:

6:40am wake/feed 6oz
8:30am nap 1 (45 min, 1.5-1.75 hours on a good day)
10:15am feed 6oz
10:45am nap 2 if first nap is 45 min 11:45am if nap 2 is longer (45 min)
1:30pm feed 6oz
2:00pm nap 3 if first nap is 45 min 3:00pm if nap 2 is longer (45 min)
4:00 feed (snack, only 3oz)
Refuses 4th nap
Loves bathtime at 5:45pm
Bad feeding at 6pm - been a battle for the past week
Asleep by 6:45-7pm
Usually wakes up once or twice a night - pretty inconsistent

How can I get him to nap longer so he isn't Mr. Cranky? What about fixing the feeding before bed? 

Any guidance and help would be appreciated! Thank you!

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Re: Routine help with 4.5 month old
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2016, 08:17:07 am »
Hi there :)

Average A time at 4 months is 2hr and it goes up to 2:45-3hr by 6 months, so logically, if you're increasing reasonably consistently through that time, A time for your LO's age would be about 2:15 or so. I think given you're getting plenty of UT naps, it is worth increasing your A time a touch and seeing if that helps.

Has LO ever slept a long nap?

Another thing to consider is the developmental short naps - as LO's sleep cycles become more prominent, a lot of babies this age wake at 45min and just need a little help to get through the transition to the next sleep cycle - how is baby behaving when he wakes?

I think if you get some restorative naps in the day, that may help with what I can only imagine it OT grumpiness in the evening - though it could just as well be normal witching hour antics which are just part of having a baby.

You may find if you drop that 'snack', LO may feed better at BT. I'm not sure, I've not bottle fed but that is how I'd read that. I think also, its very normal for a baby this age to still wake for 2 night feeds. Given they're at inconsistent times, I would just feed.