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she will be 9 weeks on Monday and has not successfully napped in moses/cot or pram for over 6 weeks.
Wanted to try this week but with having to get dd1 to preschool then I haven't been able to persevere with the cot. on Monday I tried the pram thinking if she could sleep on the walk I would then keep going after drop off however she woke after 20 mins and didn't go back off leading to a hysterical OT feed at 10 am.
 A couple of naps this week have been in the car but she wAkes as soon as car stops and doesn't transfer well.
So I have fallen back to the sling just to get her some sleep.
The last 3 nights I have had OT meltdowns after bath and refusal of bottle. She'll scream for 30mins fall asleep in arms then wake 20 mins and want milk.
Have oh just got her settled at 9.30pm. She was out of bath at 6.10!