Author Topic: Time to drop df?  (Read 1432 times)

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Time to drop df?
« on: July 08, 2016, 16:37:18 pm »
My son turns 7 months old on Monday. I wanted to make sure I'm reading the cues correctly that it's time to drop his df. He's a huge baby, 99% height and 80% weight. He's been taking 28oz formula a day. He was acting more and more hungry after solids. Yesterday he had 3 full meals off about 3oz each and finally stopped acting like he was starving to death. Then this morning, for the first time in months, he didn't finish his morning bottle. Left about 3/4oz. His usual routine is:

5:45am wake up
6am 6oz formula
715 breakfast
8:45-10:15 nap
10:30 6oz bottle
12:00pm lunch
1:00-2:30 nap
2:30 6oz formula
4:30-5 catnap (some days)
6:00pm dinner
7:00pm 6oz formula
7:30 asleep
10:30 5oz formula df

So, based on age, solid food intake, and not finishing morning bottle, should we start the df weaning process?
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Re: Time to drop df?
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2016, 16:22:19 pm »
You can do - it's about the age that Tracey suggests dropping the DF, if he's taking plenty of milk and solids in the day he likely doesn't need it any more!

If you haven't seen this it may be worth a read!

Good luck!