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16 mo - extending p.m. nap
« on: July 16, 2016, 18:57:12 pm »

You all were so helpful in helping me find a nap/sleep routine when our LO was 8 mos, I am back for more advice. Our now 16 month old is/has been going through 2:1 transition. A "good" 2-nap day for her was about 1.5 hrs a.m. nap and a 1 or 1.25-hour p.m. nap, with about 10-11 hrs sleep at night. She's been alternately taking shorter naps, or fighting, or skipping one entirely for some time now.  Based on what I read here, in recent weeks I started capping a.m. nap at 1 hr or 45 mins to try and get her to at least take, or hopefully lengthen, the p.m. nap. However, this has never really panned out for her - her a.m. nap was usually the longest and most reliable, and cutting it short to get more on the other side hasn't gotten us anywhere, and in the last couple of days, we capped a.m. at 45 mins and then she never took her p.m. nap. :(

I'd be perfectly happy to have her on 1 nap, but on the days when she's skipped her a.m. nap, she usually only sleeps about 2 hrs in the afternoon (and sometimes only 1 hr!).  Is there any way to help her lengthen her p.m. nap beyond 2 hrs? I'd be happy with 2.5, thrilled with 3, and of course if she'd sleep later than 6:00am we would love that too. :)

Any advice??

Thank you so much!!!

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Re: 16 mo - extending p.m. nap
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2016, 21:20:10 pm »
Hi there,
I just wanted to let you know that I will be moving your topic to Toddler's Sleep. You probably will find more appropriate advice there.