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Nighttime struggles
« on: September 15, 2016, 00:37:04 am »
We started having bedtime issues around when my 2 mo old was born. But now it's just getting worse at night where all he does is cry and act iradic. We even started doing bath early around 6 just pajamas on and coming back downstairs for some quiet time with his tv shows because bath time got to be so with screaming and crying and having tantrums. But like even with that change he's still having trouble. It seems like he's just ovetired. And being that he just started preschool I'm
Sure he is but even starting bedtime early is not doing the trick. When we leave the room after he tells us to leave he then calls us back up for another song etc. any suggestions ? Thanks

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Re: Nighttime struggles
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2016, 18:35:12 pm »

My 3.5yo started preschool a few weeks ago and has been really tired since then too..we've moved BT about 30mins earlier and even then DS has also started napping again some days.

He also plays up at bedtime sometimes, lots of callbacks & excuses not to sleep. We try to be firm but fair & consistent e.g he only ever has 3 stories, no more, he can get up once to go to the toilet again but only once & we tell him to get it all out! After that, if he keeps calling us or getting up we just go in/put him back to bed, say goodnight gently but firmly but no other interaction and go out again. Sometimes it takes a bit of persistence but DS always goes to sleep eventually.

So routine, consistency & clear boundaries that we stick to..that seems to work for us

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