Author Topic: 7 week old; one day fab next day FML  (Read 695 times)

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7 week old; one day fab next day FML
« on: July 30, 2016, 07:21:06 am »
Harper has been napping in her cot for every nap as of this week. She is in a swaddle pod which was the only way to get her to sleep in her cot.
She has great days where we do Easy all day long, awake for 45-60 mins and back asleep again. The days in struggling with is if we miss one nap due to her being fussy she then refuses to sleep ALL day until 8/9/10pm as she decides! So she can be awake from 11am-10pm some days. I have more good than bad days but I need advice for the bad days.

That window of sleepiness anyone know how many minutes to get to get them to sleep sharpish before OT kicks in and then keeps them awake?

Usually we have a routine of..
E 4/5am boob
S straight away wakes at 7
E 7ish boob
A bum change
s 8/8.30
E 9.30-10
S 11/11.30 - 1/1.30
S 2.15 latest usually short awake time here
E 3
S 4-5
E 5
A bath at 6
And then dosing until 10pm or will go to sleep at 6.30:7 if I catch her at the right time.
Her pref.  bedtime when she goes to sleep easiest is about 10pm. If she sleeps earlier I dream feed her at 10.30 and then she wakes sometimes at 2 briefly but mostly 4.

Do I let her go to bed at 10 or keep going with the 7pm bed time?

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Re: 7 week old; one day fab next day FML
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2016, 19:30:10 pm »
Hi there, I remember this phase well my DS2 is now 6 months but those first few weeks are just a big mix up aren't they.

She's still little so I'd probably say go with the flow for now, if you can get her down at 7 then great but if not whenever you can.

For us it settled around 14 weeks ish and we got a more predictable BT. x

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Re: 7 week old; one day fab next day FML
« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2016, 16:38:05 pm »
Oh my goodness, your heading made me laugh and I had to read your post. I'm a first time mom to a now almost 5 month old who was an overtired hot mess until about 2 months. That's about when I was finally able to get my sh*& together and get a semi-EASY routine going.

Here's a great reference for average awake times by age that will help guide you some on OT times: Average A times- BOOKMARK ME!

I completely agree with Harbio2012's recommendation to go with the flow and do what you can for now. Things will settle down soon. Our little angel would cry and eat and cry and eat and cry and eat until 11pm at that age. So, we went with it and eventually moved his bedtime earlier and earlier. 

Just know that you're doing a great job and try not to stress over bedtime too much at this point. Working on the OT times may help bedtime fall into place. But some days may just be a crap shoot and that is OK, too.

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Re: 7 week old; one day fab next day FML
« Reply #3 on: August 16, 2016, 21:47:39 pm »
Hello and welcome to BW forums :)

I know you are aiming to have all naps in the cot but on the bad days, when it's just not happening, can you APOP (Accidental Parenting On Purpose) a nap for her? So that would be to hold her or wear in a sling, use the stroller or car for a nap?  Will she nod off if you give her that sort of additional help perhaps?  No one wants to set up 'bad habits' but when LO has already missed a nap sometimes it can help to just get some sleep into them so that they are not OT all day long.  It may be that if you APOP one nap you can then successfully put her in the cot for the next.
Looks like her A time might be a bit on the long side, which is fine if she sleeps well but I wonder if you've tried a shorter time?
PP has very helpfully posted a link to guidance A times (thanks Meggyfunk!), you'll see there a guidance time for 2 months is 1hr 15 to 1hr 20, your LO is a bit younger than this so I would probably try reducing some of her A times.  On your EASY it looks like 1hr 30 to 2hrs if I'm reading it right.
A time is from the end of the nap until the start of the next nap, so from eyes open to eyes shut and asleep, including feeding and nappy changes as activity.

I hope this helps.