Author Topic: Early Wakings. 15 months boy. Time for the 2-1 transition?  (Read 443 times)

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Early Wakings. 15 months boy. Time for the 2-1 transition?
« on: August 30, 2016, 02:11:15 am »
Bernardo is a very kind 1y3m old toddler. Since his first month, we tried to put him into the routine stablished by the Baby Whisperer. At the beggining it was EASY. 3h feeds, then 4h. 3 to 2 naps transition was ok too.
The sleeping part was Always the issue. I believe he has a sensitive sleep, I mean, each little change in the environment, such as warm or cold, teething or a flu can turn his sleep into chaos. He was Always an early waker also. 6h30, then 6h. Althoug it was Always very common for him to Wake up even before 6h, like 5h ou 5h30.
We Always assumed it was his hunger, even though we have read over and over that by this age he could hold on longer without his morning formula. But in the past days, we’ve noticed that he wakes up at 5h or 5h30 and tries hard to go back to sleep but he does not succeed. That´s when he wakes up for real. So we started wondering what else could be causing his difficulty to sleep longer, until 6h30 at least.
We’ve done some research and found out that these behaviour might be indicative that it is time for the 2-1 naps transition for some kids.
So we´ve decided to get some help and post his routine in the forum to hear whatever you think it might help to make him Wake up a bit later.

His routine:
Wake up – 5h30
Formula 5h40 to 6h (or how much we can hold until he starts crying).
First nap – 9h45 to 11h
Second nap – 14h45 to 15h45
Dinner – 17h
Formula – 19h15
Sleep – 19h45
Formula – 22h40ish (sleeping)

I hope you could help us! Thank you very much!

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Re: Early Wakings. 15 months boy. Time for the 2-1 transition?
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2016, 10:15:06 am »
Hi & welcome to the BW forums. It's good to hear that BW approaches and EASY routine has worked so well for you & your DS as a baby.

Yes it does sound like he might be going into the 2-1's some useful information about it: From 2 to 1 nap transition (10-12m and older)

There are 2 options, either to push the first nap gradually later and therefore also push 2nd nap later too & shorten it
To cut first nap gradually shorter and shorter, pulling 2nd nap earlier.

Which option you go for depends on your DS. If he is sensitive to being woken from a nap, you might want to keep the first nap long so he gets a good sleep at start of the day and just push it later (15mins at a time, every 2-3 days)  and cap 2nd nap.

If he is exhausted by 9.45 however and struggling to go any longer, you could try keeping that start to the nap, but waking earlier (15mins earlier, every 2-3days) so that nap gets shorter and 2nd earlier.

I'm not sure whether your early wake ups are due to an early, long first nap or a late long-ish 2nd nap. It will be a bit  of trial and error to see what works!
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