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Re: Here I am again!
« Reply #15 on: November 04, 2016, 01:42:16 am »
I can get him to stay in his bed until about 2 am and then it's all out war.
He wake me up at 2 and I was able to keep him quiet in his room until about 5 last night when he wrote his brother up. His daddy took over for him and I got the baby back to sleep astonished 7am only to find out my husband got keep back to our bed. From 7-8 the my toddler tossed and turned, pushing me out of bed and pulling my hair. My husband got up with both boys this morning but I only got an hour sleep before the baby needed me (breastfed)  I definitely feel like a mom of 2. I'm so tired. Hopefully this will be under control by next year when I go back to school. Being a stay at home mom isn't so bad when you're tired because she their asleep I can sleep but when I have homework at night it will be awful.

I was thinking maybe put a mattress in the floor in the toddlers room and let dh sleep there after he gets home? He works 330-midnight and I think my toddler just misses him. I don't want to create a whole other issue though.

 Bedtime was fine tonight, but he asked for his daddy a few times and I know it's because his daddy is more lenient.  The baby was actually harder to put to bed..He's usually asleep by 730 and ours almost 10 now and I just laid him down for the millionth time. Goodnight for now! Any suggestions would be awesome because I feel like we just took a giant leap back.

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Re: Here I am again!
« Reply #16 on: November 05, 2016, 20:21:05 pm »
Huge hugs, I hope the last couple of days have been better. I'm sure it is all phases and will be better next year when you are back in school. Both baby & toddler will be older and out of this phase. I remember feeling broken with exhaustion this time last year. Our days are still tiring butvour nights are much improved now.

Not sure what to suggest for your DS. I understand the mattress on the floor option. I do it for illness but on a regular basis it might become something he depends on.

Is it possible that the NWs are from becoming OT since dropping the nap? I understand he no longer would take it, which is fine, but would he benefit from an earlier bedtime? It sounds unlikely but often LOs sleep gets worse as they get more & more tired & giving opportunity for more sleep can actually work and lead to better sleep.
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