Author Topic: 9 month old and nap/bedtime all over the place!  (Read 865 times)

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9 month old and nap/bedtime all over the place!
« on: December 07, 2016, 13:23:53 pm »
Hi all

I have a nearly 9 month old (9 months on 16th) nap and bedtime is all over the place. It feels like she has gone back to her 4 month sleep regression. It has been over the last few weeks. She will wake 6-6.30am she is tired by 8-8.15 am nap would usually last 1hour 20 mins, i m now lucky if it lasts 30 minutes. So i watch for her tired ques. Seems none existent at the moment. Next nap around 12.15-12.20 asleep 12.30 and this will also last 35-40 mins max! usually 1.5 hours. Her bedtime has always been between 6-7pm but with such rubbish naps its like 5.30 because of crappy naps. She just sits in her crib and waits for me to go get her unless she has a dirty nappy and then she will cry. I'm at a loss what to do as ive tried short wake time longer wake time early bedtime later one. Nothing works! I have tried to bring back the 3rd nap around 4pm but she is just too awake by this time. I have read about sleep regression but thought it would be over by now. Any ideas on sorting this out would be great. I am considering using a sleep consultant but its like 150 for 2 weeks of emails! I just need some sleep :( ???

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Re: 9 month old and nap/bedtime all over the place!
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2016, 19:47:20 pm »
Hi there!

I remember the 9mo sleep regression well. Our naps were ok but nights were awful. It is a time of lots of developmental stuff which can throw sleep right off.

Looking at your LO's routine though, I wonder whether it's worth trying to push the first nap a bit later. Usually at this age first A time is at least 3hrs. I think I'd try gradually pushingbthat first nap closer to 3hrs after waking, by 15mins every 2-3days until you get a longer first nap. Then try 2nd nap around 3hrs after waking from first nap?
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