Author Topic: 19 month old suddenly terrified of sleeping in her room  (Read 2608 times)

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Re: 19 month old suddenly terrified of sleeping in her room
« Reply #30 on: January 29, 2017, 20:11:33 pm »
thanks for the encouragement.
I think it did work, because she's been sleeping better ever since, or at least she is better at settling herself when she wakes.  she's still been waking often these 2 nights, but she resettles herself and we don't need to go see her. I still feel bad, because I know it's fine not to go in too quickly, we always took a wait and see approach and see if she would settle on her own, but this time we did leave her to it more than we usually do.
creations, yes, we have a key phrase and some verbal reassurance, we have been using it since this all started but I'm not sure how much it was helping. it could very well be a language leap, she does not have many words yet, I would say maybe 10 maximum, and she has been having more and more words recently