Author Topic: 12 weeks and about to lose my mind...  (Read 749 times)

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12 weeks and about to lose my mind...
« on: January 16, 2017, 10:07:04 am »
I'm back, but with a new baby. Bobby is 20 months old now and sleeps and naps beautifully thanks to his easy routine. I have a 12 weeks old now, who I can't get into any kind of routine what so ever. I'm bf and not sure if that's the reason he wakes so much in the night? He's just had a nap, which lasted 30 mins. The only 'routine' we have at the moment is bedtime... bath at 6/6.30, boob and bed. He usually sleeps for 4 hours, thereafter it's anything from 1hr to 3hrs. I'm exhausted. I can't sleep in the day as I have Bobby too. Ds2 is exhausted too. He naps on and off during the day, because here so short I'm finding it hard to get into a pattern.. plus it's hard when you've got a toddler too. I also know he's suffering with reflux and gas, but with no treatment as I'm relactuant due to how it went when Bobby went on medication... constipation etc. Any help on how to get started? X

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Re: 12 weeks and about to lose my mind...
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2017, 09:26:27 am »
Welcome back and congrats on the new addition.
Sorry you didn't get any replies yet - giving you a bump - I'm sure someone will drop by soon.

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Re: 12 weeks and about to lose my mind...
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2017, 13:06:09 pm »
Hugs, it is super-tiring with 2!  I get your concern about using medication for your DS2 but if he's in pain from reflux and gas, I kind of think that needs sorting first before you can expect a settled routine or longer stretches at night  :-\ there are lots of different treatment options and not all cause constipation (Gaviscon and other thickeners are notorious for it but there are alternatives) - perhaps it would be worth a chat with your doctor and seeing what options there might be that you feel more comfortable with?  Sorry I know that's not super-helpful but I wouldn't feel very comfortable advising too much else when LO is in pain :( do you use a sling? I found that really helped in the early days either for naps or just fussy times. Are you getting some support, or managing to get out and about a bit? Toddler groups really helped me get through as the older one could be occupied for a while and I could get a cup of tea!!  Other very basic things which may be of some help are just keeping an eye on A times and giving the opportunity for sleep at times LO is likely to be getting tired, aiming for a rough 3h feed cycle and then offering more naps if they are all short. What kept me going was sticking to the older one's routine, and fitting in baby around it as then at least the day had a structure even if baby was a bit hit and miss :-*