Author Topic: Almost 10 month old waking at night  (Read 206 times)

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Almost 10 month old waking at night
« on: March 07, 2017, 02:58:53 am »

I'm hoping for some guidance on helping our son sleep through the night. He will be 10
months in a few days and still wakes 2/3 times per night.

He is BF but has been eating 3 solid meals per day. He is a big boy, 26 lbs, and I waiver between "he should be big enough to sleep all night" and "maybe he just needs more calories because he so big".

He naps well during the day, can go to sleep on his own (naps and night, I place him in his
crib awake), and often resettles himself. We have a very regular routine, day time and bedtime routine.

I'm just unsure as to whether to cut him off from feeding overnight (usually one feed, other wakings just needs to be resettled, sometimes rocked or walked around) or ride it out and he'll outgrow it. I don't rush in when he cries, giving him a few minutes while he fusses but it often ends up in a "real cry". Though nothing is usually wrong (diaper, burn, wind...)

Our first slept  through at 5.5 months, and we're just so sleep deprived, especially since  our older son, who is 5 y.o. wakes at 5-5:30 everyday!

Thanks for any words of wisdom.

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Re: Almost 10 month old waking at night
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2017, 08:48:33 am »
Being honest I tackle it if you care and are so sleep deprived. At that age I wouldn't feed up to 4/5am and resettle all waking up to this point however not with rocking but a proper method which will enable him to sleep independently finally. So probably shhhpat in a cot and gradual withdrawal. At 4/5am you may feed or if you think he can handle just resettle once again. At that age it might be tricky as some kiddos need that feed and you can have a long night from 7pm till 7am with one NF. The case is that if you feed at 4/5am when it was a habitual waking not hunger it may result in confusion for him and waking in other parts of the night - as he got the message that sometimes he goes to sleep on boob and sometimes he should self settle.

So to summarize - I would try to night wean completely. And if after couple of days like 7-10 he starts sleeping soundly till 4/5am when he is very difficult to resettle I would start feeding. He may however surprise you and sleep through till 7am. With night weaning I would try to do it completely but gradually if he feeds 2/3x now. So first night don't feed him until 1am let's say, and than until 2/3/4 am.
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