Author Topic: is there such thing as the 3 month regression  (Read 208 times)

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is there such thing as the 3 month regression
« on: March 31, 2017, 23:09:06 pm »
Hi All
my LO is 13 weeks and the last few days she has gotten clingy/ whiney ( i hate to use those words, bc i secretly love it), but normally she is a happy/ easy temperament baby.  She is on easy 2.5/ 3 hours
WU at 7, then eat, A is 1.25-1.5 hours, naps are a problem- 45 minutes ( w2s and shush pat are not working but we keep trying till next E, cat nap at 5-540bedtime is 8-830

so along with change in temperament, she is spending much more time on the breast ( bf or sucking not 100 sure, but def eating some more), and cat nap has moved to 545-630 which moves bed time back to 9  and used to sleep with no mid night wake ups, now waking up 1-2 x night goes down with shush pat for 10-15 at night!.  dream feed is going well!
so maybe there is a 3 month regression? thoughts and plans of action?

oh yes . . . i also go back to work monday :( ( 3 days) so I am definitely anxious/ sad

thanks as always!
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Re: is there such thing as the 3 month regression
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2017, 00:49:30 am »
Long time since I've been there, but pretty sure there is a big Growth spurt at 3mo, but TBH there are lots of hurdles & blips & that's were it comes back to "listen to your baby"

I'm sad that you have to say you secretly love her being more needy, from a BTDT, embrace it & enjoy, they grow up so fast & rather than see it as whingy, see it as her giving you a golden time of connection!

I'd also say if you go back to work there would be changes in how you are feeling & BF babies pick up on all the hormonal changes that go on with us, so like most things with babies/toddlers/children/teens/adults (all humans really) it's a mixing pot of many different things... although mostly I'd say growth spurt ....
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