Author Topic: Moving away from the bottle?  (Read 3794 times)

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Moving away from the bottle?
« on: April 06, 2017, 07:38:30 am »
So Henry is now around 13 months, so in theory we should be reducing down the bottle to ensure no ill effects for his teeth, how do you do this though?

Little background.

  • BF till about 10/11 months
  • Formula fed from then on
  • From 6 months has had varying solids and is fine with them
  • Currently has a breakfast, lunch and dinner ’solid'
  • Fairly relaxed about bottles, changed recently and was fine with it.
  • Kind of drinks from a beaker himself and with helping him at meal times.
  • Currently he has wake up feed, mid morning feed, mid afternoon feed and one before bed, 2 of these are blue milk the rest formula

So i suppose we’d like to know how much blue milk should he be having currently? It was a bit easier when younger as you would aim for a certain amount of ozs a day, is it the same and is there a rough guide for blue milk?

We have a plan to introduce one of his morning or afternoon feeds of blue milk in a beaker that he uses during meal times, to see if he drinks it from that and if he does slowly add to the others thus removing the bottle.

Is this the best way to phase out the bottle or are there other more reliable ways?

Many thanks :)

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Re: Moving away from the bottle?
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2017, 07:51:03 am »
I understand that blue milk is a normal cow's milk? If I am right the guidelines are 12oz for formula over 12mo or around 15-18oz of cow's milk. In terms of timing - it'f good to decide which feed is the most important for you. I would probably mid-morning feed and change it to a small snack. Afternoon milk could be changed to a beaker rigjt away and also accompanied by a small snack. After 2-3 weeks I would change morning or evening bottle for a beaker, and finally go for the last bottle. I changed morning milk to a beaker and started offering solid breakfast with a sip of milk, than snack, lunch, snack, dinner and I kept evening milk feed for a long spell until DS started to refuse it.