Author Topic: HELP! 9 month old screaming in cot!  (Read 875 times)

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HELP! 9 month old screaming in cot!
« on: April 06, 2017, 13:33:16 pm »
Hello !! Things were going really great! DD would do 2 naps often morning long 1hr -2hours and afternoon short 45-60mins. and then sleep for 12-13 hours at night. She would go 8-12 hours then feed and back down sometimes if the wake up was 5ish (days where somehow she did only 2 x 1 hour naps and was stilll super tired, she would go to bed at 5.30 pm and do 13hour nights with 1 feed.

For the last 10 days since she turned 9 months, it's been all over the place! She was an independent sleeper. Every now and then she would fall asleep on the boob and it wouldn't make any difference to her. 90% of the time she self soothed. NOW, when I put her in the cot, she screams her head off! As soon as I pick her up, she is fine. It started with bedtime, then bedtime and afternoon nap and now for the morning nap as well! I don't know what is going on. She had 1 good day in the last 10 days where she didn't scream all sleep times.

Her naps have also been all over the place. yesterday and today were ridiculous!

Tonight was so bad! I have a 5 year old and I had to let her scream as my 5 year old needed me and so I had to do the running back and forth between both of them. And for about a minute she screamed her head off and i was getting so frustrated at my older kid. She stopped screaming and went to sleep. But I felt awful! I think she was definitely overtired tonight.

I need help to see if my EASY is way off thats why naps are crap! here is her EASY for the last 3 days

Monday - wake 6 am after 11.5 hour night (1 night feed at 2.40am and straight back to sleep)
6am     -  BF 8am solids
9.10am - Nap 1hr 33 min (3hr 10min A) No scream

12.30pm - lunch followed by BF 5 mins
2.00pm -  BF
2.35pm - Nap 42 minutes (3hr 50minA) Scream and cried every time put down in cot!  Finally put her in the spare bed next to cot and pat her to sleep

4.30pm - Solids
5.30pm - BF bath and another BF at 6pm and in cot. Screamed again. did shush pat, pupd and WIWO
6.25pm - Fell asleep after some grizzling

Woke screaming 1hr mark husband pupd one time was enough to calm her to sleep
2.15am - NF straight back to sleep
6.50am heard her babbling (2 hours 15 min day sleep / 12 hours 21m night sleep)

6.50am wake
7am     BF
9am     solids and BF
9.55am  Nap 46mins (3hr 10m A) no screaming!

12pm   Solids
1pm     BF
2.10pm Nap 2hours! (3hr 35m A) Screamed when put in cot pupd fail. put on bed next to cot and she played for 50mins before falling asleep!

5pm   Solids
5.30pm BF bath then BF 6.15pm and in cot 6.40pm NO screaming!! maybe she wasnt OT?
7.05pm Asleep (2hr 50m A) played for 20-25m before sleep
3.30am NF - wake 7.30am (12hrs 25m Night sleep. /2hours 46m Nap)


7.30am  Wake
7.40am  BF
10.00am BF
10.35am Nap 31mins! (2.55A) She wanted to go to nap. rubbing eyes, grizzling. Scream when pd. Pupd. walked out. did one loud protest scream then played before sleep.

1.45pm BF
2.20pm Nap 46min (3hr 15mA) scream pd. PUPD fail. wiwo caused her to cry hysterically. put down on bed and she was fine going to sleep on her own but woke screaming. took 20 min to resettle and woke after another 20mins. Total nap - 1hr 6 min

4pm BF
6.50pm  (2.40A) scream pd. pupd fail, tried rocking, trying patting. wiwo fail. picked up and cuddled for few mins. and she did few seconds of cryign and then was fine.

1 loud Sleep cry at 2 hour mark. wake screaming 3 hour 15 min. BF
2.40am NF.  wake 6.10am? started crying 11hrs 20m night sleep - 1hr35 naps!

6.10am wake and play with daddy while mummy slept in
7.20am BF and solids
9.10am Nap 40 min (3hr A) was verrryyy grizzly and tired. cried 5 seconds then settled. left in cot for another 20min after waking but wouldnt resettle.

12.45pm BF after solids
2.10pm Nap 35mins!!!! (4hr 20min A) screamed in cot. played in spare bed for 1 hour 15mins before falling asleep! woke and lay there for 2 mins before crying. tried to resettle but was unable to go back to sleep even though she seemed tired.

5.20pm BF
5.55pm Asleep after a horrible horrible amount of screaming hysterically when pupd. or patting. had to run in and out as older kid was sick and in the end she cried for 1-2mins before stopping nad going to sleep.

Wake screaming at 57min. pupd and screamed when walked out but stopeed after few seconds. wake screaming 2hr 10min DH pupd and she was fine with him walking out. And another scream at 3hr 20m. DH went in and she stopped and settled.
Its going to be a long night!

Sorry for the essay but I really would appreciate some help! Am i doing something wrong??? she seems to without fail wake at the 1 hour mark after bedtime screaming. sometimes she just does a sleep cry sometimes its hyseterical and we just need to pupd one time. ANd if it is my DH, no issues. If i go in, she will scream when i put her back down. Is it separation anxiety??? No new teeth i can see.

Are the A times ok? She has always liked waking up 7.30-8am. and always has preferred a long night. 12.5-13hours were her norm. She has done 12 hour stretches a few times with only the first hour scream. I feed her because she is on the 5th percentile born not even on the charts and a bit early. she is not a big fan of solids but is improving heaps.

my older kid didnt do such short naps at this age ! I dont know what to do anymore. Thanks for reading and for any advice !!

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Re: HELP! 9 month old screaming in cot!
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2017, 18:05:59 pm »
Hi there, sorry I'm not able to respond in much detail at the moment as I'm not 100% myself but didn't want to leave you without a response.

Looks like it might be time to increase the first A time and get back that longer morning nap. I would increase her first A time to promote a better sleep and to see if you can avoid all that nap refusal and fussing.
If you have been on 3hr 10 ish for a while I'd say to increase to around 3hr 30, you can do that across a couple of days if you prefer.  So 3hr 20 for a day then 3hr 30 the following day and if there is a great deal of fussing and refusal I would just take her out of the room do an additional 15 min A time and take her back in.
She might show sleepy signs before this but a change in activity can help with that.

Here's a link about the 2-1 transition - she isn't ready to drop to one nap but the journey towards that can throw sleep off all of a sudden. Mine started at 9 months instead of 10.
From 2 to 1 nap transition (10-12m and older)
(there are a couple of links within there you can look at too)

It could be a simple case of increasing the first A time until she takes that longer nap again...and then fitting in a small CN where you can later in the day.

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Re: HELP! 9 month old screaming in cot!
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2017, 12:24:43 pm »
thanks for your reply Creations. I hope you feel better.

I tried pushing the A. yesterday 3hour 20 mins was 43 minute nap. Woke quietly then got grizzly in cot. Today 3 hour 30 mins got me a 41 min nap. Same waas lying around the cot for about 10 minutes then got grizzly.

I just don't know what to do anymore. Today she did not scream going down for any sleeps but did a Sleep cry 55 minutes after bedtime. She had 4hours A to bedtime as did another 40 minute napin afternoon and refused 3rd catnap even when i tried all sorts of APOP.

ALso been doing EW. this morning was 5.30am and would not go back to sleep for love or money!! I just give up!

she just looks SO tired. I think she is seriously OT now from the constant short naps. I managed to resettle her yestrday morning. On sat afternoon, i stayed next to her the whole time with my hand on her arm and i dont know if that made a difference but she napped 1.5 hours.

If I set her AM nap for 10.30am and stuck by that no matter what happened, would that help at all?

My older DD has a drop off at 10am and I am home by 10.15-10.20am as of next week. And i have to pick up at 3pm and be back home by 3,15-3.20pm. I have no idea what i am going to do with the naps. Any suggestions?

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Re: HELP! 9 month old screaming in cot!
« Reply #3 on: April 12, 2017, 18:49:13 pm »
Set naps can be helpful for some babies and to instil a routine - and then you can still have a bit off give and take when you know she needs something a little bit different.  Actually once LOs are around 12 months old and if they have already moved to one nap we usually advise trying set nap time rather than working with A times alone.  She's several months off that age yet but I do think it could help you work around the school run. Maybe one naps at 10.30 and the next at 3.30 - if you can get the morning one long she could last okay until 3.30 and perhaps do a shorter one then.