Author Topic: 7mo suddenly unable to sooth herself during the night  (Read 182 times)

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7mo suddenly unable to sooth herself during the night
« on: April 08, 2017, 12:36:49 pm »
Hi everyone,
My DD has been waking up once during the night for 3 months now. Usually she Was just crying/talking to herself for 15-20 mins and just go back to sleep, sometimes I was just turning her back on her back, give her a paci and she went to sleep again, sometimes I needed to BF her (very rarely). For the last 3 weeks she is totally uncapable of going back to sleep by herself even though she is now able to replug her paci. Even my taking her in my arms doesn't work, only BF helps. I know that she is not hungry, I'm sure of that. Have no idea how to get rid of NF, I just know that it is not the hunger case...any ideas?
Our schedule
7WU and BF
9 breakfast (cereal and fruit)
10-12:30 - nap
12:30 BF
14 - dinner veggie
16-16:45 nap
17 BF
19/19:30 cereal and fruits
8pm sleep

11pm DF

She is having something like "night terrors" shortly after going to bed in the evening for about an hour - she screams and cries, but when I enter the room her eyes are closed...
No problem with naps during the day.


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Re: 7mo suddenly unable to sooth herself during the night
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2017, 21:08:41 pm »
Hi Hania,
Can you rule out more of these listed in this article?
10 reasons (other than hunger) a baby can wake at night

The separation anxiety pops out at me. I'm sure you realize that the more often you feed her, the more likely it'll become a habit.  Certainly attend to her at the NW, but try another technique and be consistent.  What else have you tried? The paci doesn't work if held her and gave it to her?

For night terrors, there's a technique some people have had success with... it's described below.  I think most people use this when it's more frequent.  From my experience, my son had them when he was too warmly dressed. Having a fan at the beginning of the night helped, too.

"For a few nights (weeks if they are not that frequent) write down at what time the terrors start. You will normally discover a certain pattern and a time slot in which a terror typically occurs. Then, for a few nights (even if you are not sure there will be a terror) gently wake up your baby about 20-30 minutes before that time slot.

 Sit up with her for a few moments, talk to her softly and then put her back down to sleep again. If she is not easily awakened like this, you can try changing her diaper but avoid 'too exciting' activities or it may be difficult to get her back to sleep again ...

This short wake time can help change her sleep pattern and that can avoid the confusional arousal after a while."