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15 mo and 2-1
« on: May 10, 2017, 12:09:18 pm »
My baby is 15 months old and for the past few months his naps had been gradually getting later until they were at 1045-1130 and then 245-4. Hes out in the mornings at a playgroup until 1ish. Lately he's been sleeping for about 45 min-an hour in the morning and then refusing to nap most afternoons. How should I start transitioning him to one nap? Is he ready?
She prefers he nap as close to 11 as possible because that's when everyone else naps. I have to pick up my other son at 130 so don't want to have to go out twice. Is a nap from 11-1 going to be enough for him?

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Re: 15 mo and 2-1
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2017, 18:54:04 pm »
Hi there, have you seen this link?

A 2h nap is often enough on one nap, but in the early stages some LOs may well need more.  The timing is however as important as the length, and (depending on your bedtime) you may find that your LO is very OT from such a long afternoon.  Most babies with a 7ish morning WU time would be napping at around 12/12.30pm on one nap with a shorter awake time before bed.  Often bedtime needs to move earlier for a time too until they have properly adjusted.  It may be you'd be better to try a short morning catnap (i.e. wake him after 30 mins or so) and then you may have more success with an afternoon nap?