Author Topic: Nearly 11 month old - 2 - 1 nap transition struggle  (Read 323 times)

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Nearly 11 month old - 2 - 1 nap transition struggle
« on: May 17, 2017, 13:50:49 pm »
Hello all my little boy is 1 week shy of turning 11 months. At 10 months sleep went wonky so I read the thread and decided to proceed with shortening the AM nap, since with my 2 year old DD around they could both take an afternoon nap at the same time (and give me a well deserved break!)

Since starting to cap the morning nap however I have not got decent naps since so could really do with some help to point out where my routine is going wrong.

Here are some sample days in a row:

WU 6 in bed till 6.30
N1: 9.40 - 10.25 I woke him
N2: 1.40 - 2.56
BT 6.20  (lots eye rubbing at 5.30??)

NW 7.15, 12.10, 3ish for feed

WU: 6.10 in bed till 6.30
N1: 9.45 - 10.30 I woke him
N2: 1.50 - 2.25 resettled 2.35 - 3.25
BT 7.05 tried for 6.30 lots of standing in cot

NW 9.50, 11, 12.20, 2ish feed

WU: 5.37 in bed until 7 (I fell asleep myself oops!)
N1: 10 - 10.37 woke himself
N2: 2.05 - 3.25
BT 7.05 tried for 6.30

NW 8.45, 10.15, 1ish feed, 5.15

WU 6

Etc etc!

Just yesyerday after an early night he slept great all night and woke up at 6.30. So I thought right this is it time to get things back on track. But he did this:

WU 6.30
N1: 9.37 - 10.22 i woke him
N2: 1.35 (tried for 1.20) - 2.05 woke settled again 2.25 woke settled again 3 woke
6.45 BT

NW 1.30 feed

WU 5.23?!

So back to early wakings again for no reason that I can see.

If anyone can see anything or help that would be great, the only solution I have in mind is to cut the morning nap even shorter to 30 mins but scared incase things get worse!


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Re: Nearly 11 month old - 2 - 1 nap transition struggle
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2017, 18:00:09 pm »
sorry to see you didnt' get any replies yet.
My first thought is that perhaps your DS would do better with a long morning nap and a apped afternoon nap, the longer A time in the morning (with longer nap to follow) could help to discourage the earlier waking. But I can certainly see why you'd liketo go for the long afternoon nap for them both to go to sleep and you get a break!!

With that in mind then. How about increasing the second A time to really make sure you get him tired enough to take a goo nap then.  he could sleep as long as he likes and then BT could move a bit later which would hopefully also lead to later WU and the first nap could be altered accordingly.

TBH nap drops are often messy but you'll get there!