Author Topic: 3.5 MO introducing EASY, frequent night feedings  (Read 329 times)

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3.5 MO introducing EASY, frequent night feedings
« on: May 19, 2017, 06:05:54 am »
Hi everyone! I'm new here, from Europe, so forgive my english.
Few days ago we started applying EASY to my 3.5 MO son. He was familiar with it's concept since birth, but it was never scheduled timewise. He's EBF and spirited.
I'm quite confused about following questions:

1) After DF at 22:00-22:30 he always wakes up at 1:20-1:40, eats like he has been starving, falls asleep on the boob and i put him back to crib. Only few nights he slept for 6 hours and it was a blessing. How do i drop this feeding?

2) Around 4:30-5 am he starts fussing, i BF then i put him on the tummy, he passes gas and sleeps for an hour, wakes up around 6 am and usually BF him back to sleep. Tried to shush-pat but ended up doing this for an hour until 7 am.

3) Should i start delaying his feedings for more than 3 hours apart (as for 4 MO its 4 hours)?

4) After 4pm feed he seems tired but never wants to go to bed and after that at 7 pm feeding he is literaly collapsing on the breast

5) Im doing cluster feed at 7 pm, then bathtime and i feed him at 8 pm again, he starts falling asleep on the boob and i put him drowsy back to his crib were i help him with shushing. Why this feed isnt topping him up enough?

6) How do i move 7am-8pm EASY to 8am-9pm? it is much more convenient for my family

Thank you!

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Re: 3.5 MO introducing EASY, frequent night feedings
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2017, 15:41:38 pm »
Your baby is so young . It's completely normal to feed every 2hrs+. I'd suggest moving the bath forwards and putting him down for the night at 7pm if he is falling asleep on the boob. Breastfeeding research has moved on significantly since the BW books were written and we like to think Tracy would have updated her BFING advice had she still been around. Most EBF babies will feed more frequently than 3hrly. Many EBF babies won't go 4hrs until solids are established after being introduced at 6mo.

At this age it is advisable to follow baby's cues rather than going by the clock.
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