Author Topic: 8 month old EMW help please  (Read 593 times)

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8 month old EMW help please
« on: June 26, 2017, 11:48:11 am »
Lo is 8 months today, he's still on a 3 hour A time at which point he is yawning and getting agitated, so I've not really tried to push it. But the problem is early waking, anywhere from 4-5.30. 5.30 is a lay in 😩
He goes to bed early at the moment because he has a longer A time leading up to bed and he's always getting beside himself and crashes at 6.30.
This is his current routine.
5am - WU (we try paci but it never really works)
6am - 6oz bottle
7am breakfast
8am nap - usually 1.5hrs
10.30 - 4-6oz bottle
11.30/12 - lunch
12.30/1 - nap, usually 1.5hrs
3pm - 4-6oz bottle
5pm - dinner
6pm - bath and 6oz bottle
6.30/7 - asleep

He's not really eating a lot at the moment, I'm having a real struggle weaning him. He hates all savoury food, only seems to want puddings. Anyway. If anyone could give me some advice on how to push back his morning WU that would be great. I'm looking for around 6/6.30, the same as my toddler.
Oh should probably mention he's not having any night feeds anymore as of about a week ago. He slept throug for the first time a few nights ago but hasn't done it since. He's usually up a couple of times from around 2ish but settles again with paci.
Thank you x

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Re: 8 month old EMW help please
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2017, 12:38:42 pm »
Hi BobbysMummy
Sorry to see you are still having problems with the morning WU time being so early - it's so exhausting when they wake that early, mine was also like that and I really wish I'd shifted his whole routine in a more serious way but tbh I just didn't know how back then.
On this thread you had last month there is excellent advice and I'd follow that
Having been in the situation you are in, trying to move things slowly and failing because I was following my DS's lead and cues rather than "fixing" things for me to be better rested, I really do think the advice there is sound and worth a good shot.  LOs don't move the routine on their own, you have to push it for it to happen. But if you do then the nap times and BT should all move later and WU will follow.  One tipe to add, to move all the meal times by the 15 mins each day so delay that first milk feed by 15 min (or as close to as possible) then delay the breakfast by 15 min (easier to shift than the first milk) then the nap by 15 min too...after 4 days you have shifted by 1hr on everything.  The A times remain at 3hrs once the whole move has taken place to you ought to see the same length naps and night but all at a different time.

WRT only wanting puddings, perhaps try the sweeter savoury foods such as sweet potato, sweet corn made into patties, fruits.  Often carbs are accepted because they are sweet (pancakes, bread) and try not to give anything with added sugar so that his pallet doesn't become accustomed to the taste of sugar but rather the naturally sweet aspect of a variety of foods.  And just keep offering in a relaxed kind of way, letting him try your meals too.