Author Topic: 11 month old 530 wake up- can't seem to get past it!!  (Read 1049 times)

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11 month old 530 wake up- can't seem to get past it!!
« on: July 01, 2017, 20:40:16 pm »
Hoping you have some advice for me. My 11 month old seems stuck on a 530 wake up no matter what his day looks like. His current EASY is:

Wake 530/545 - though we try and keep him in his room and settle him
E BF at 615;breakfast at 715
A play
S 10am - he can last quite happily til then but is always ready for it at 10.

Wakes at 1130/12
E lunch at 1230
S 3/330 for between 30 mins to 1hr - has about 3 hours in total across the day

E dinner at 530
A bath
S BF and bed at 730

Some days he might only do a half hour in morning and an hour Or so I'm agyernoon and go to bed at 7 but still wakes bang on 530?! I don't understand it! I thought it was too much daytime sleep but then on day he doesn't get that it's the same? He has recently started walking and is teething but this ha been going on now for 2 months, maybe longer?

Any ideas what we can do to push him back? Even 6am would be better?!

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Re: 11 month old 530 wake up- can't seem to get past it!!
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2017, 01:26:47 am »
I had a little bit of luck by pushing the morning nap later & a later bedtime as I eventually worked out that my DS2 would only really do a 10 hour night no matter what I did (until he was 4yo & once a week he did a 14hour night, but that was after 3 days at preschool with no naps) I found with my DS2 he was a Low sleep need, but could only cope with average A times, so it was a juggle & I had to decide where I wanted sleep the most... as the 5am wake ups were 100% dealt with by me, but the 8pm bedtimes meant DH kept them entertained, I opted for later bed & 6am starts to the day.  Even as a 12yo my DS2 still wakes around 6am most of the time, but fortunately doesn't wake me (& fortunately on this trip away doesn't even wake his brother anymore while they share a room!!)
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Re: 11 month old 530 wake up- can't seem to get past it!!
« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2017, 07:42:34 am »
Hi there
Looking at your previous EASYs I see your LO has pretty much always woken at 5.30am with few WUs being later than this.  Based on that I would say he sounds like Kate's DS and my own, in that they only do a 10hr night.
I also see that your routine is pretty much unchanged since he was 6 months old which perhaps hasn't helped with shifting that WU time.

Moving both naps and BT later would allow that 10 hr night to end at a later time and you could see an improved morning WU time but with LOs like this it is a losing battle to try to get a 12hr night.
I would suggest moving the whole routine on by 15 mins each day for 4 days, this shifts everything by 1hr.  If after this time the WU has not moved I would continue to move another 2 days (making 1hr 30 shift in total) which would really force his body clock to adjust and you should then see a better WU time.  The additional 30 min shift would be temporary to encourage the body clock to re-set and after a few days you could slowly moved the naps and BT a little earlier by about 10 mins at a time waiting a few days in between so that you can watch out for the WU time not moving too early.

My DS had a very strong body clock, just as you described, regardless of BT or nap length he woke early at the same time each day regardless of still being tired, I had to move his timings until the body clock "broke" and then could re-set at a new time.

When mine was just over 2.5yo he dropped all naps and his night lengthened to 12hrs per night and stayed like that for about 2 years.

The other thing which can effect a lot of LOs is how dark the room is. Many of us here have found that our LOs do not do well with even a little light in the room.  Total black out really does help to beat the 5am WUs.  Even now my DS is 6yo, he started waking earlier and earlier as the season changed and was complaining to me of being tired. Triple layer window coverings/blackout have him sleeping soundly again.