Author Topic: 3y5m i'm struggling w/routine  (Read 401 times)

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3y5m i'm struggling w/routine
« on: September 10, 2017, 11:14:04 am »
Can anyone shed light on what might be happening? Your experience?
Seems like we've been on 1-0 for over 1.5 years.  :-\ ???

Last week-
Wu 6:30
Nap 1:30-2:00
Bt 8:45

Wu 6:15 (9.5 overnight sleep)
Nap 2-4:10 (had a really hard time waking him)
Bt 9:45 (eyes closed)

Wu 7:20 (9.5 ons)
Bt 8:00

Wu 7:25 (11.5)
Bt 8:30 (struggled at bt, tired)

Wu 7:00 (10.5)
Bt 8:00 (struggled, tired)

Today Wu 6:15 (10.15)

This is usually how no nap weeks go. Nights get shorter and shorter.  I aim for 8-7 no nap, 9-7 with nap. I prefer to drop nap altogether but he gets really tired around 4/5 sometimes falling asleep on his own on the couch, and has a really hard time at bt with consecutive no nap days. I've tried 7:30 bt and even 7 at times but the trend is the same. Bt listed is when his eyes close. He doesn't consistently sleep for 11 hrs a night. With naps, he usually sleeps around 9-9.5 hrs and is a wreck the next day. When I offer a nap, he usually fights me hard. We've tried quiet time with option to sleep but he started fighting those too. It's hard for me to do short car naps right now but if I must I will.

Any idea why he won't regulate? Can he only handle 12.5 hr days?
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Re: 3y5m i'm struggling w/routine
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2017, 18:02:55 pm »
I think if you feel you'd rather get rid of the nap then just go for it and work through the tricky phase of settling in.  I do think it would take more than a week to settle down, which I think is why you see the nights getting shorter and then eventually give a nap (or eventually he accepts a nap) but if you don't give that option and you make sure he stays awake (no nodding on the sofa, or wake him as soon as he does nod off - have a favourite snack/book/toy ready) so that he has a chance to shift all his sleep to the night.
That's my thought anyway.
I think I'd make BT earlier too.  You're probably planning on a 13hr day and 11hr night which is fair enough to plan for but looking at what's happening I think I'd try for 12hrs day and night, so with 7am WU have a 7pm BT.  If WU ends up too early you might have to have the odd longer day though.  if at any point WU went later than 7am I'd still go for 7pm BT in the hopes of a slightly longer night.