Author Topic: 27 month old bedtime issues  (Read 395 times)

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27 month old bedtime issues
« on: September 15, 2017, 18:00:14 pm »

I'm looking for some advice re bedtimes (again!) my lg keeps me guessing that's for sure.

I think I'm in the throws of the 1:0 so looking for advice.

Recently my lg has been having an hours sleep and I thought that was going quite well. Generally
Wu: 7
S: 1.30-2.30 (home) 1-2 (nursery)
Bt: 7.15 ish and asleep within 20 mins ss

Recently she's starting having 10 hours at night meaning an early wake up but I reckon she is actually still tired but I can't get her back to sleep.

Today she looked tired after this yesterday
Wu: 7
S: 2.430-3.30 (wouldn't sleep earlier tried from 1.25)
Bt: 8.30 s: 8.55
Wu: 6.55

she looked tired and as we were driving somewhere she slept 11.25-12.40. Most unlike her to sleep that early in the day.

So today was
Wu: 6.55
S: 11.25-12.40
Bt 7 and now she will not go to sleep!!!! Talking, shouting etc anything but sleeping.

Any ideas?
Thanks as always x

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Re: 27 month old bedtime issues
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2017, 06:11:28 am »
Urghh the 1-0 is hard and a lot of guess work and whinging it.

At this age with we had to limit to 20 min CN to maintain BT so Day was often WU 6.30, CN 20 mins at 2.30/3pm bt 7.15/7.40, then at about 30 months we had no nap bt only 11.5/12 hour day max x