Author Topic: 5 month old fighting going down at night, always has  (Read 371 times)

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5 month old fighting going down at night, always has
« on: September 27, 2017, 19:56:56 pm »

So my little one is just over 5 months now and fights most naps but nighttime is ridiculous. Heís always been terrible for putting down, no sudden change. He has reflux (now being controlled by diet and medicine) so even from birth, he used to scream.

Iím not strict with routine in the day but he naturally follows an EASY routine. 3 naps plus one catnap a day. Naps normally 30/40 minutes. He has just started to have a longer nap midday but wonít do a long one on his own. Daytime naps normally through distraction such as watching tv, in car or in sling. If heís overtired and you try to get him to sleep, he fights it more. Last nap of the day is around 5.

After last nap, we do a combination (but not always all) of bath, books, rhymes, nappy, pjs, sleeping bag. Itís towards the end, like he knows whatís coming, that he kicks off. He screams and cries. If you finally get him relaxed, and transfer him, he cries when he gets to the cot! When heís finally down (it takes around 2 hours on average) he will wake and need resettling a good handful of times in the next hour. Then heís finally asleep, wakes when hungry or just for a little cuddle.

He has a dummy, Iím combi feeding and he has a comforter but isnít overly fussed on it so we use it sporadically.

Please help. Iím going insane :(

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Re: 5 month old fighting going down at night, always has
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2017, 17:15:19 pm »
Could you please post your routine, or what happens on a typical day including how long he is awake for before naps etc? It sounds like he could be overtired by bedtime with all those very short naps and perhaps some routine tweaks may help.  Has he ever settled independently? Do you think his reflux is fully controlled now?