Author Topic: Toddler has gone back to eating with fingers  (Read 3863 times)

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Toddler has gone back to eating with fingers
« on: November 30, 2017, 10:25:06 am »
I was wondering if this is a normal phase.
My little boy was baby led weaned and was using a spoon before he was one.. then he used a fork shortly after that. He had always been so good at feeding himself. He even started using a baby knife to try and cut his food.

Now we have noticed that he is using his fingers again more and more! We encourage him to use a spoon.. but try not to make a big deal about it.. as he is going though the terrible twos and he has got a bit picky with his food.
We eat with him as much as possible and always have. Not sure where this new phase has come from.

Any advice? :)

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Re: Toddler has gone back to eating with fingers
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2017, 15:36:22 pm »
Likely just a phase.
My 6yo will still eat with his fingers sometimes and we remind him he has cutlery on the table.  he also was BLW and used a fork from 7 months, he can use his cutlery really well. I think lots of kids do this.
If he is very hungry or tired or teething he might not have the patience to use his cutlery well so that could be part of it.
I would remind him and ask him to use his cutlery time to time but not over do it, it really isn't worth battling over.  Like any social skills or formalities LOs that "can" do something don't always want to or have the patience and focus for it all the time.  He could be working on another skill in the background which is taking up all his mental effort and then one day he'll have a new skill and start using his cutlery again without you even doing anything about it.