Author Topic: 8 month old awake for 2 hours at night  (Read 558 times)

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8 month old awake for 2 hours at night
« on: December 07, 2017, 14:27:27 pm »
My 8 month old generally naps well during the day and mostly sleep well at night but recently she has been waking at around 10-11pm and is awake for 2 hours! If she is not upset I leave her to settle herself which sometimes works but if she gets upset my husband or I will go in and lay our hand on her back. This usually settles her and once she is quiet and still we leave the room but she doesn't seem to be able to go back to sleep. After 10-15 minutes she is shuffling around again. After a couple of hours of this I usually cave in and feed her (breastfeed) and that usually works but last night even that didn't work and I ended up sleeping in her room. Any advice on how I can help her settle back to sleep? I have tried white noise but it doesn't seem to make much difference.
She is still waking once a night for a feed but often not until 5am and she will go back to sleep again after. I think she may be teething just now as her hands are in her mouth a lot but she doesn't seem to be in pain. Her first two teeth came through with just minor disruption to her naps. She is showing mild signs of separation anxiety e.g. occasional distressed cry if I leave the room but she is generally happy in other people's care and doesn't get upset if I go out for a few hours. She has recently learned to crawl and is often on her hand and knees in cot and moving around quite a lot but she's been doing that since well before she started to crawl. She has recently dropped her third nap and we are now on the following routine:

3-5am - Milk
7am - Awake
8am - Breakfast
9-9.30am - Sleep
11am - Awake and Milk
12pm - Lunch
1.30-2pm - Sleep
3-4pm - Awake and Milk
5pm - Dinner
6.15 - bath or wind down
6.45 - milk
7-7.30pm - sleep

Thanks for any advice!

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Re: 8 month old awake for 2 hours at night
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2017, 10:54:53 am »
Have you considered she might be a bit under tired? Her naps are lovely but her A times in the earlier part of the day are still pretty short. I wonder if she had some longer awake times Iím the day whether she might sleep more soundly? Iíd be tempted to push her gently to at least 3h for each A time, then see if that helps. Development and teeth could also be playing a role though - so if you donít get any improvement with more awake time then it may just be a case of riding it out for a bit longer x