Author Topic: After the sleep "training" weekends  (Read 426 times)

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After the sleep "training" weekends
« on: December 26, 2017, 17:30:12 pm »
Hello Everyone!

I have a 15month old that is still not sleeping through the night, and hasn't since she was an infant. At the moment she is waking up 2-3 times a night. I'm so exhausted, to say the least.  I've tried several times to stop bf ing her through the night, or at least partially. Since September, I have focused 3 weekends on teaching her to only feed her once through the night.  Each time, I have success, and she only does that one feed when we are done but it all falls apart within 1 week from the training.  The regression usually is begun by an illness or unexplained repetitive wake ups, which I guess to be teething.  Each time, I have her mostly trained and these increased wake ups throw me off and I start to feed her again.  The last time we all got so sick that I was worried she would  have the same breathing issues her sister had.  I needed to get her well again, which to me means breastfeeding till the illness is gone. I recognize that she doesn't really need the breastmilk to fill her at night at her age.  I just thought that I would make some smaller steps to get to my goal.  Anyways, I am planning another weekend to solve this situation and this time Im planning no feeds at night by the end.  I just need some solutions for the after part. Help!!!

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Re: After the sleep "training" weekends
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2017, 21:17:26 pm »
Hi there, and first of all ((hugs)) - sleep deprivation is the worst.

I think reading your post that you probably know here what the issue is.....she doesn't need those breastfeeds at night :-*  but I get how special a bond it is and how easy a 'fallback' when things get a bit tricky in the sleep department.  I think to truly kick this you need to be properly convinced and committed yourself that night feeds need to stop - and I would suggest completely rather than keeping one per night.  She doesn't need even one night feed from a nutritional point of view and I think that it's just so much clearer as you say, to both you and her, if you keep feeds for daytime and make night feeds a no-no altogether.  You can explain to her using whatever language you would usually use - she may not be able to say a lot but she will certainly understand more.  Telling her Mummy's boobies are sleeping and she can have milk in the morning may not mean she doesn't get upset, but if you can give her a clear consistent message she will get it in the end. 

Then the 'solution' is entirely in your hands for afterwards - you just don't do it!  Hard I know because of all the emotional attachment to feeding, but you will find other ways to calm and comfort her :-*  have confidence that you can do it!!